sip + see + house guests + sxsw

My to-do list looks like a last wish list, with an assortment of personal delights, most of which will remain on the list, untouchable in every way. There will be no blowout, manicure, or pedicure. There are clumps of dog hair in corners of my home that may, or may not, be dealt with.

Tonight I am hosting a Sip & See at my home. Twenty women (and one baby) will arrive at 7pm. You can only imagine the cleaning, the organizing, the planning and coordination. But, oh, how I love it. And guess what?

Tomorrow morning guests arrive from across the country, guests that have never been to my home (or Austin? I’m not sure). Which means people had better be staying late to help me clean. For real.

Ned Vizzini (author of It’s Kind of a Funny Story – now a major motion picture) and my manager in from LA, will both arrive tomorrow. Each will need his own bed/room, so there are beds to be made, linens to be cleaned, and general overall “fluffing,” whatever that means. Do we even need to discuss the state of affairs in my fridge? What does it need for midnight sxsw snackers? Add “Buy Bottled Water” to the list (because you should always offer water to guests in their rooms, so if they don’t feel like leaving their rooms, they don’t have to).

Then, come Sunday, sweet Dulce arrives! I want so much to get our good one-on-one time, kid time, but I also want to introduce her to some friends because she is my love and they are my new loves, and I just want everyone loving up on one another.

All this, plus I just caught Abigail’s GODDAMN COLD and I am a snot factory outlet. AND, I haven’t even begun to tackle my SXSW schedule. I’ve RSVP’d to more parties than humanly possible to attend, even in a twelve month stretch. Haven’t even looked at the film screening times or any of the panels. Today I head to the convention center to pick up my badge… that is, after I shower. And after my CONFERENCE CALL with the producers of the unscripted relationship series on which I’ve been working.

Not to mention that I WEIGH IN TOMORROW (overall, I think I’m down 17-19 pounds)!

I also, you know, kind of have a kickass panel to plan (please come if you have an interactive badge):

TELL & SELL YOUR STORY (follow along on twitter with hashtag: #TellSell)
This Saturday, March 12
12:30 pm
Sheraton – Creekside (701 East 11th Street)

So, all that said, I might just post some totally random things (and photos) in the coming days. Just a warning.