mama’s lament

“Did Mr. Bikini come from your belly like us, Mama?”
“Well, no, Abigail.”
“Then why do you call him your baby?”
“A baby doesn’t have to come from your belly to be your baby-love.”
“Kini came from the diving pool inside my belly!”
“Nooo, Lucas. Kini came from a farm, where his mama lives.”
“And she misses him?”
“That bitch gets around. Has so many pups, she don’t know which way is up. Don’t lose no sleep over it, child.”  
“Is Kini’s Mama from Elmo City or from a Train Farm?”
“We better bring Kini back to his home, Mama. He’s lost.”
“No, angels. This is his home now, with us.”
“So, now you’re his mama?”
“He’s part of our family now, but his mama will always be his mama. When you grow up, you guys can have new families, too. But you’ll always, we’ll always, no matter what, be family, understand?”
“Mama, does he see her on Mother’s Day and make her a card?”
“Who wants more waffles?!”





  1. Here’s where I differ from most mothers: I would have answered yes to Abigal’s question. Just to mess with her. Fortunately, my daughter was born w/a sense of snark and would have replied, “yeah, right. more waffles.”

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