mother’s day moments: sing it out

car kiss

A slice of motherhood. In the car, with the taters. Broadway show tunes at the ready. Makes me laugh every time. These are the moments I want to always remember. Especially the bit where Abigail knows, in advance, to sing a certain stanza as sweetly as possible. Or when Lucas pipes up to sing, "I’m a girl." These might just be things only a parent can love.

Happy Mother’s Day, to our mothers, for singing anyway. Off tune, show tune, any way you can get or give it. When we sing, joy finds its way in. And to those who’ve lost their mother, I hope you’ll find a way to sing for her today, too. I’m betting it would make her day.

Love from the bottom of my diaphragm,



  1. Happy Mother’s Day! I have no idea why, but last night I had a dream that I was at your house with your lovely family. In my dream you were cooking a fabulous meal for us and Phil was cleaning like a fiend. But for some reason there were a pile of his dirty socks under the dining room table. It turns out he had a habit of taking off his dirty socks while at the dinner table and would leave them there.

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  3. Everything is moving too fast. Seems like just yesterday you were in NICU with them.

  4. I gave my mom a charm bracelet. I know you speak of wanting to share one with Abigail. You were the inspiration.

  5. I just read all your previous Mother’s Day posts and cried. Thank you!

  6. Sometimes my husband does a big deal for the day and others it is low key. I think I’m fine with either.

  7. I wonder what you think- Do I have to wish my sister a Happy Mother’s Day? She’s not MY Mother.

  8. If you can accomplish even half of that list you are a super woman.

  9. Listening to you and the beans sing brought a smile to my face this morning! So dam cute!! :) Hope you had a wonderful mother’s day!

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