recent (indecent) facebook chat

facebook chat
Facebook chat with my Greek Tragedy Friends

greektragedy: how was/is vacay?! I’m still egregiously jealous

newbestfriend: I’m thinking of you bc I just got the rhea and am checked outta my hotel room. Going to airport in a few hrs. Urgh. Shit way to end a good trip

greektragedy: so glad to know I’m synonymous with the ‘rhea

newbestfriend: I feel like we r partners in it! I know u can sympathize

greektragedy: at least you’re a tan bean with the rhea. Me, I’m an albino ‘rhea maker

newbestfriend: True! How r u?

greektragedy: No lie, and you’re not going to believe this, but this conversation just led me to the bowl with a ‘rhea flirt squirt (in bathroom now)

newbestfriend: God, you’re a good friend

greektragedy: All about solidarity, son.
Ooh, and I need to learn your magazine clipping filing/organization plan
You know, for when I leave the loo with an action plan
I’m guessing all the really great ideas happen in the shower, in traffic, and in the "comfort station."

newbestfriend: so true. U wrote that once, something about needing to do more dishes because it’s mindless
that’s when good ideas creep up, no?

greektragedy: Well, it ain’t about talent. It’s mostly about follow through… after the final rose, as it were.

newbestfriend: I have to go die and cramp now

greektragedy: at least there’s this: we’re officially friends ’til the end
Here’s hoping for an aisle seat and double-ply!



  1. I hate this huge ‘save & share this entry’ stuck right in the middle of everything. Honestly. It spoils my Greek Tragedy experience!

  2. Egregious is not the right word here- it’s actually one of my favorite words but it doesn’t work here based on meaning… it means flagrantly offensive or bad. I’ll shut up now:(

  3. it can also mean outrageous or enormous. especially when used as an adverb. i think the word is absolutely correct in this context. and i am not even an English native.

  4. And this is why I wish I still lived in Austin…
    you’re hilarious. Looking forward to your visit to Savannah!

    1. Author

      Cannot WAIT to get to Savannah. I was talking to the kids the other day about costumes and Halloween (random in April, I know), and then I realized, I’ll be in Savannah for Halloween! Oh, my. Watch out.

  5. I agree, the “save & share this entry” box is indeed obnoxious. I am also annoyed that EVERY TIME I am asked to subscribe via RSS… but I don’t want to, how often am I supposed to decline? The whole Greek Tragedy experience has become sooo pushy… and the content just doesn’t measure up/justify this by any means.

  6. Crazy how poetic you can be on the bowl…
    “Well, it ain’t about talent. It’s mostly about follow through… after the final rose, as it were.” I wrote that down on a post-it and stuck it to my monitor.

  7. OMG, this is so damn funny. Sharing this with my other belly bloated friends. =)

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