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  1. Don’t wear it tied around the waist over that particular cardigan/tee combo, it was less flattering than the other looks. I actually thought the belt idea was cute and did look good, even complimented your shape quite nicely. And, its also cute as an actual scarf. Normally I would think it was too much with the necklace AND earrings, but you were workin’ it! So I’d say you could wear it all or take off one piece. Go forth and rock. You look good.

  2. Do you need to wear the pearls? Is that one necklace looped, or is it a few? What about just one string of pearls and the scarf? The scarf is lovely but I think with all those pearls it is a little busy, so I would say either one string + scarf, or one simpler necklace + scarf. I’m not into tying it around the cardigan. Hope this helps a little!

  3. i like the outfit, but i would say to go with darker jeans, if possible. and i love the scarf and pearls, but would you be willing to go with smaller earrings? it does look a bit busy with the dangle earrings included, but i love the line that the scarf creates when it’s draped around your neck. it looks chic. not a grain of granny!

  4. Wear it as a scarf–scarves are your signature thing. And take it from me, anything around the waist constricts food consumption–and who wants that?!

  5. I really like the outfit but somethings gotta go..
    I’m not sure if the cardigan and the scarf can work together. There seems to be something that’s off but [since, I’m not that great with fashion myself] I can’t pinpoint it.. [Hope it helps?]

    1. I think it’s those jeans. They look shabby and age inappropriate. Other than that, it’s really cute. Although I’m not a huge fan of pearls..

  6. I think you’ve over-accessorizing — though they are all really nice ALONE. I think the earrings are too long for you to wear with a chunky necklace. Now that I think of it, I’d say no earrings or necklace if you wear the scarf around the neck. I think you have great cleavage so wear the scarf as a belt either through the jeans loop or as a waist cincher over the cardigan… Then wear the earrings. Ditch the pearls. Way too much going on. Save the pearls for another day or for a sheath. I hope that makes sense and those jeans, girl, are HAWT!!!

  7. The jeans= DREADFUL. I know they probs cost an arm and leg..great fit but a darker wash. Knocking around in the garden torn jeans are fine but like all adults need to ‘graduate’ from a futon to a bed…same with the torn jeans. Makes the whole thing look like a Buffalo Exchange outfit. The scarf is lovely, esp since it was grannies- but ditch the pearls. too cluttered and besides, you are too fucking young to be rocking all those pearls. Plenty of time for it later. And drop earrings? Fine- without a multi strand necklace. And without the scarf. Too many accessories so keep the scarf.

    Cute shape of the jeans though, nice pockets which flatter the butt- just the holes and wash (I know, you bough them like that but eeegghghh~!) and good to go. The purse is a little dowdy too- reminds me of the Dooney & Bourke shit my mom carries around (shape= unwieldy) maybe a nice fun leather bag in a cool shape, something a little more modern to counter the scarf. The bag says granny, not cute young mama. Sorry if this sounds harsh! Not much to change though

  8. LOVE the scarf. Wear it around the neck with the pearls, but maybe smaller earrings. Definitely not around the waist.

    I like the jeans with the outfit as it adds an edgy juxtaposition to the pearls/scarf.


  9. Take off the necklace and wear the scarf, or don’t wear the scarf and keep the necklace. Three accessories above the boobs is too much.

  10. I like the scarf around the neck, but would also lose the necklace or at least wear smaller earrings. I also don’t love the jeans, and I think the rips might look better if they were in the middle of the pantleg. BUT saying all that, I think you could pull it off any of those ways. It’s just a matter of what looks best, and I go for the above.

  11. What did you end up wearing? I liked the scarf as a scarf, and lose the dangly earrings, with or without the pearls.

  12. This is so funny. I was thinking about your scarf all day today. I thought you looked fantastic last night. I always want to wear scarves, but I’m never sure exactly what to do with them. After seeing yours I’m definitely adding one to my next outfit. I love that it was your grandma’s, too.

  13. I’m sure I’m too late but I love the scarf around the neck in the beginning of the vid. The only thing I would say to lose are the earrings. It’s accessorizing, not excessorizing! A nice stud earring would be more flattering. Or take the pearls off and just wear the earrings. Either will look great!

  14. I also love the scarf. What if you wore it as a headband? Is it thin enough? I like the pearls, but think they don’t really go with the distressed jeans. I am not crazy about the t-shirt color. Maybe another color, to make it pop, could even be white.

    I have tried so many times to belt things. It just always makes me feel like a belted baguette!

    So, what did you end up wearing? Another outfit altogether?

  15. probably too late, but I thought the scarf looked great with everything you were wearing. Plus it has a sentimental meaning which gives it an even stronger argument to keep the scarf. Scarf around neck. Love it. Have a great time!

  16. My best friend is in the fashion business, what I hear is bright, bold colors like yellow, aqua, pink, purple…..make sure shoes and pocketbook matches…. enjoy

  17. The scarf and pearls look nice together. The earrings should be smaller. And the JEANS HAVE TO GO. Very awful. Sorree.

  18. I thought it looked cute all three ways you had it. So creative! You are just beyond darling! Such a great figure and great style, you can pull anything off!

  19. love the outfit! classy, trendy and with the scarf and pearls, it really adds a touch of your own individuality to it!

  20. I love you Stephanie Klein…but I HATE those jeans. And I think you choose trends that are built for waifs, not for women that are BUILT. Stick with what works fir your figure — low cut shirts, boot cut jeans, heels and leave the J Crew look to someone else.

  21. Hollister is bigger here with the guys more than the girls, but Aeropostale is huge here with girls. Make sure you have skinny jeans in more than just denim blue, and neon colors are also in. Also try something-anything- that says "South Pole" on it- even if it's just about 2 shirts. Also (with guys and girls) those Adidas sandals are very big right now. Those high converse shoes are also in lately, but not as much.

    I personally, however, have my own style and only wear skinny jeans and low converse because I actually like them, not because they're "in style" and prefer Hot Topic over Hollister and Aeropostale anyday

  22. not to toot my own horn (or my credentials), but I’m an assistant fashion stylist at a conde nast mag in ny, and I believe i can help.

    i think one of your best assests is causing you a bigger problem. as an greek tradegy reader knows, your personality contains multitudes. while this is a wonderful thing and certainly makes for entertaining blogging, when you channel that into your clothing style it reads: psycho protagonist starring in a lifetime movie. basically, when I’m saying is that you’re featuring too many different kinds of styles in your outfit. You have the ripped jeans, which is trendy and a little boho/downtown rocker. you have the prominent pearls and cardigan, which is conservative, classic and more than a little suburban. while occasionally two opposing styles can fuse perfectly and work well together, such as pairing something hard/tough like leather with something flirty/feminine , in this case it is not possible. i would advise you to ditch the scarf because you’ve already got a lot of accessories going on: distressed denim, prominent pearls, earrings, and your hair. i would also advise you to change your jeans to a pair that is more streamlined and sleek, and save those for a night out with a ‘rita.

  23. OH PS!
    here’s the deal with belting a cardigan. you can/should only do this if the cardigan or dress is long enough that it covers up your natural waist. otherwise, you’re creating a second and unnecessary waist, and drawing more attention to your middle, disrupting the overall silhouette. for example, when you tied it around the cardigan in the video you created that second superfluous waist line because your jeans were already designating a waist line. If you want to try to wear this trend in way that is both flattering to your figure AND won’t be something you live to regret (hello acid washed jeans), try using the scarf to belt a longer sweater dress.

  24. hehe..may sound stupid but.. if you like the shirt very much..go alter it…
    it would fit you to the right size.

  25. I agree with the other readers – too many accessories. The earrings are nice. If you want to do the scarf hipster thing, I would go for a considerably longer scarf that you can loop twice or knot. Also I would go for a longer cardigan that goes past your hips but that’s still form-fitting.
    Again, you’re very pretty so you do not need many accessories – try one or two things.

  26. Depends what look you're going for, Some people can actually rock a poncho. It works great if you're wearing a spring like look.

  27. stretch tight white, wife beater.
    black form fitting leather jacket.
    skin tight jeans, black high heel boots.

    invitation to come fuck me.

    pearls, scarfs, nautical jackets

    Aunt Mildred going to an auction.

  28. the jeans are bad. everything else looked nice – I think you can pull off overaccessorized to some degree… you have a big personality so a big look works. the jeans really lack sophistication though, and are all wrong with that outfit.

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