if I could do anything today…

If I could do anything today, I’d start with eggs, poached, perhaps, on thick whole grain toast, a side salad, because I love the idea of micro greens for breakfast, with lemon. When I lived in New York, and frequented Diet Doctor Dick, I’d stop at the deli on my way to work, order up a toasted bialy, with cream cheese, lettuce, tomato, salt, pepper.  Or a toasted bialy with butter, lettuce, tomato, and a fried egg. Breakfast was always my biggest meal, adding an entire grapefruit, and an iced grande skim sugarfree caramel latte (now it’s called "a Skinny"). I weighed 118 pounds. Now I weigh 145 and eat egg whites for breakfast. Something sure does suck about that game of fair.

If I could do anything today, I’d hit the movie theater, hard. In workout clothes, with a tank of water, snack on carrots, bring a protein bar, and see The Back-up Plan* (despite all the horrendous reviews) because my favorite movies in the whole world are romantic comedies, and I love when J. Lo uses her energies for good, and not thriller suspense disasters. Then I’d make it a double feature, hopping over to Date Night, then The Last Song, because I can, and have, done a triple feature, just the way I roll.

If I could do anything today, I’d pass through a Sephora because I love to play. The other day, I pawed my way through a magazine and saw advertisements for at least five new perfumes. For some reason, this appealed to me, the idea of smelling them. I like Daisy by Marc Jacobs, but now he has a new out, a different flower. I’m curious. And yes, I actually added this to my to-do list: Smell Beyonce.

If I could do anything today, I’d email people back. I owe so many people emails and have become terrible at returning them all. I think I get burned out with work, and somehow can’t find the energy to write, even more. I fcuking need a vacation! Phil even said, Okay, I agree. Let’s plan one. But no Bangkok (we just watched a show on the strange things eaten at the markets there, from roasted bats to an assortment of bugs and maggots–beetles are highest in protein, fyi).

New Lebovitz Cookbook If I could do anything today, I’d escape to a bookstore, my favorite place in the world, and research vacation spots, read magazines, browse and buy new cookbooks. I’m desperate for the new David Lebovitz, Ready for Dessert and The Craft of Baking, which I’ve been eyeing now for a while. Add insult to irony, though, what I’m most looking forward to is the forthcoming Hungry Girl Happy Hour, featuring happy hour foods and cocktails. Now we’re talkin’.

If I could do anything today, I’d make the day a happy hour, fit with muddled blackberries, fresh mint, and drunken friends who get too chatty. I can’t wait for the new fancy dining movie theater to open here in The Domain. Tickets to see Sex & The City II, are already SOLD OUT (at $29 a ticket, per person, not including food or drinks). Bastards! It seems I won’t be heading to NYC, after all, as The Suitor has purchased Barenaked Ladies tickets for a show here in Austin, at the same time.

Off to start my day: with work. Because going to the movies is "research." *Except, now I’ve caved and cannot bring myself to see The Back-up Plan because the reviews are really that bad. Suckitude. And likewise for The Joneses. It seems my only real hope right now is: GREENBERG with Ben Stiller.



  1. made amazing homemade tabbouleh (cracked bulger, lemon, evoo, mnint, oregano, cucumber, tomato, garlic, onion) and topped it with a poached egg and feta. fresh savory breakfasts are the best!

  2. I love having greens at breakfast too! And will probably see “the Back up Plan” at some point.

    As for happy hour, make my drink a virgin…am knocked up. On the bright side, my 2nd breakfast today consisted of a fresh croissant and fresh squeezed OJ from the corner French place.

  3. I’s take a writing class in German although I don’t write or speak German.

  4. Long time reader and first time comment. I needed this today. I need to think more about what I want NOW in life. Thank you.

  5. I don’t know about the rest of it, but I’ll be right over for breakfast.

  6. The thinking woman’s blog. So appreciated in this celebrity for celebrity sake websites!

  7. I am ready for a late Friday muddles drink. LOVE the word “muddled”.

  8. I had poached eggs on toast tonight for supper. Yum! I also found a lady about five minutes away who sells fresh eggs. I’m heading over soon for some AA’s.

  9. Greenberg is painfully wonderful! And definitely DON’T go to Thailand right now…a lot of violence happening in Bangkok right now. *eiik*

  10. You HAVE to see The Back-Up plan! If I see a preview for a movie I think I’ll like, chances are I’ll like it, reviews be damned! YOU know what YOU like so see the flippin movie and let us hear your review!

  11. I want to watch the back-up plan too but i have finals next week.. ._.
    i love this post!;)

  12. gold pass cinema is amazing! tried out the “mock” night saturday and was impressed. going again tomorrow night for a girls night to see valentines day-hope its good!

  13. For God’s sake Stephanie there have been red shirt anti-government protests in Bangkok for over a month. There have been grenade attacks, thousands of casualties and deaths, water cannons, tear gas, rubber and real bullets… but you don’t want to go to Bangkok because you are worried about having to eat bugs?

  14. The Back-Up Plan, wasn’t THAT bad. I felt like you did the other day and caved, it had cute moments and a few really terrible ones, but overall I left feeling entertained and slightly happier than I did going in.

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