a beautiful day in my neighborhood

Purple Tree
I‘m a stress-face case right now and have no intention of being human. I owe things. Writing. Shit needs to get done. Which means I can’t post about LOST (though holy love spuds that’s some good drugs right there), and I can’t make a banana refrigerator cake with cream cheese frosting (even though I just did).

stephanie klein
I need to wake up, get the kids dressed, fed, make lunches, hit the J, kiss hug, kiss hug again, then I need to sweat (even though I feel guilty exercising when I have so much work to do!). Then, then I need coffeecrack. And I need to write, hard. And long. With 5 minute breaks to check email and pee. And I need to double negative my way through it; I need to not stop writing at all, not until I get through an act. Even if it’s a bad act. I need to power through it. So, please forgive my lack of action. I’m juggling three writing projects, plus this fine Greek Tragedy world, and mama needs to focus on one thing at a time. So I leave you with two things… the new featured content gallery on this here blog (which changes daily), and loverly iphone photos I took today in my neighborhood.

The Birds
Austin Home
I adore overcast days where the day feels moody and colors seem to have their own pulse. Especially when that pulse is purple. I also adore walking around my neighborhood, looking at the different homes, imagining the lives being lived in them, what they keep in their pantry, which rooms they’ve christened. I love imagining the lives lived behind walls, the secret stories, family secrets, and all we keep hidden from our neighbors, relying on our manicured lawns to tell the story we want people to hear.



  1. I was waiting yesterday for the LOST post that I thought was coming. So disappointed to not see one. :( Maybe when you get all caught up? I think that show had to be my favorite one. It was like watching a movie but only a short movie. Sayid has always been my favorite but after that one, the new looking wild man, Richard, moved up a notch. lol He did some great acting, I thought. I’m still thinking about that episode.

    Take care.

  2. Good luck getting shit done! My neighborhood in Arkansas is rocking the spring look. I found out yesterday I’m pregnant with a boy, my second son. We are naming him Desmond. Pass the banana cake please!

  3. I’m a transplanted New Yorker (and Barnard alumna) in Austin as well. I’m enjoying things so far. Do you live in Riverplace? It seems familiar in some way.

  4. Pink trees and purple trees are among the most wonderful things in this universe. Here in the mountains, pink and purple trees make the other 11 1/2 months entirely worth living. We’re a good month away from that kind of spring, but my brave little daffodils are starting to poke up, and the entire world is just starting to relax its collective shoulders and hope that warmth, sunlight, spring, flowers, and life are soon on their way.

  5. This is geeky, but I love ShakeItPhoto and I love that you use it too :) A lot nicer to pay $1 for a polaroid app than pay $1 for each polaroid picture….
    Gorgeous! I love that purple flowery bush in the first one

  6. We are moving from dumbo brooklyn to Austin. Can you suggest a few (or even yours) neighborhood we should begin our search? We are use to NYC pricing so I guess we won’t be shocked. Have 2 kids, 4.5 and 17 months! Big move and want it to be a great experience for the family.

    1. Author

      We were used to NYC, too, obviously, so when we made the move to Austin, we wanted SPACE and privacy and lots and lots of land! Hence, we moved to “Long Canyon” in Austin.

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