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It’s not the biggest deal. Snow. I get that. Except when it’s the first time your children see it, the first time they run outside to taste it. The first time they run back inside to ask when the rich hot chocolate will be ready. It’s a big deal then. Firsts. And snowfall holds a little magic in its balance. It’s strange how life can be full of deadlines and to-dos, but then suddenly becomes something else: something in that old black hat they found. Whimsical. Frosty. Marshmallows. Toes. Cuddling… and yes, hot pots of chocolate. Noses pressed against windows, slurping from spoons, cozy in our jammies, snuggling under one big comforter, reading books. My favorites.

watching snow


  1. I live in snow country, so the sight of a palm tree was (and is) much more exciting to my darlings. However, they have all told me as they get older that some of their fondest memories center around coming home or coming in from playing hard in the snow (skiing, sledding, snowboarding, snowman making), to the scent of hot chocolate or another favorite, hot apple cider, spiced with whole cloves, allspice, and a stick of cinnamon.

    It is one of the very few things that makes living in snow tolerable… that incredible cuddle factor when you come in from the cold. Fire in the fireplace, warm soup, freshly made bread, scented candles aglow, and the 3 teens and me, tucked in for the evening, safe and sound from the howling wind and blowing snow.

    1. Girl, I love ya. But you need to start your *own* blog. You seem to write your own entries as comments. I say this selfishly of course. DO IT:)

      1. You’re sweet – but to tell you the truth, I’m a reactive writer rather than a pro-active writer. Stephanie carries the heavy weight here – coming up with things to write about – I just occasionally respond.

        I also admire Stephanie’s thick skin – I don’t have time nor stomach to deal with the haters.

  2. I love that picture – you captured a special moment for your children.

    How much snow did you get??

    I’m sure Abigail and Lucas would have LOVED the two snowstorms that we just got in the D.C. area.. 4 feet of snow!! It looked like a marshmallow land!

  3. When we got a big snow storm here in NYC a couple of weeks ago – and pretty much everyone got the afternoon off – it was so much fun to see all the ADULTS sledding and building giant snowmen in Prospect Park. I love that we can still have that child-like wonder, even as jaded adults. Even if our snowmen turn out to be snow-George Washingtons like mine did.

  4. It was incredible. I’ve seen snow plenty of times having grown up on the east coast and gone to school in upstate New York, but it’s been some time since I’ve seen it fall like that. Made me miss it.

    Austin was so much fun yesterday. The sound of kids laughing and playing in it in the neighborhood was worth the extra hours I’ll have to put in today to catch up on my work.

    Now you look outside, sun shining, hard to believe we had snow yesterday.


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