bringing order and light to 2010

Every year on the first of January, I’m given another chance. Another opportunity to be the version of me that I want to be. Granted, every day is the first day of the rest of your life, but January begins with bubbles, wishes, vomit, and midnight kisses (hopefully not in that order). And now it will begin aglow. I can’t imagine a more comforting glow than the light emitted from an antique replica Mason jar. This lantern reminds me of fireflies, a mother’s kitchen, and somehow, it evokes home. Not the home I have now, but the home I want it to be. (Though, I also adore the cableknit vases and bowls. So damn snuggly; they’re brilliant.)

With a warm cozy home in order it’s easier to focus. Now, while I fully intend to bulldoze my way through my extraordinary to-do list, I believe the second order of business, now that the home is smelling of verbena and dressed in creams, is to find the perfect tools to facilitate all the star-spangled organizion.

alyssa ettinger design

A loverly reader recently recommended Getting Things Done by David Allen. The book is all about listing and prioritizing your daily and long-term goals. But creating such lists becomes time consuming, so I discovered some wonderful pre-made lists at LobotoME and also in the book Lists for Life by Rory Tahari.

A new year of clean calendars and bright journals, free of markings and missed deadlines, makes me feel clean and happy, as if I’ve just had a French pedicure. Seeing the virgin pages and unmarked dates reminds me that it’s time to start pinning down plans, and living the life I’ve always imagined.


From top right, going clockwise:

Kate Spade All Occassion Gift Set

Crane & Co. Gold Assortment Classic Clips paper clips

Smythson Soho Diary

Pancake & Franks greeting card box set

Kate Spade Wall Calendar

Hermes Globe Trotter



  1. LOVE those Mason jar candles! I saw those through my Daily Candy e-mail. Daily Candy and Stephanie Klein are my only sources of knowing what’s hip these days!

  2. Soooooo with you on the organization, and getting another chance — this weekend I am bitch-slapping the house into order. Chaos, beware! PS LOVE those cable-knit vases!!

  3. I love, love, love those LobotoME lists/note pads. I sent them to Mom as a suggestion for stocking stuffers for next year. :o) I hate coming up with a packing list each time and jotting down all the things for a pet sitter each time. – I meant to make a copy of the last one I made and then forgot!

    Funny, when I saw the first picture, in the preview, I immediately thought of fireflies and in the first paragraph you mention them as well.

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