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Last year I asked for a wee bit of interior design help (photos included). We made small changes. And while I’d love floor to ceiling curtains, I’m so much happier with this room, as is. Could it use a proper large square coffee table, yes. Could I live without the sponge paint walls, oh yes. But you know what? Overall, big picture, I’m really happy in the room. The pale blue sofas are deep and comfortable (and guaranteed against stains). Just thought I’d follow up with the changes…

last year living room

And here it is today…

living room after
living room after… with more images in my galleries.


  1. that tree looks like the trash tha’ts thrown by restaurants in N.Y.C. too much crap!

    1. What on earth would cause someone to put down someone’s Christmas Tree? Happy Holidays.

    2. Your tree is very blingy..I like it.

      No human contact, specifically sexual relations with opposite sex, or the same sex, what ever lights your tree, lady-causes tree haters.

    3. ….If ya can’t say something nice….don’t say anything at all…

      Stephanie and Phil, the room looks lovely, before-and after. Merry Christmas, and Happy Hannuka to you and the tots!

      1. If they ask for comments then they ask for comments, if someone
        doesn’t like the tree they should say so, if Phil and Stephanie
        only want compliments then they should say, “Everyone compliment
        our tree” otherwise, don’t post that you want advice.

  2. i luv the room! And I love your mantle! So dear. Love what you did too coordinate different vases.

  3. I think it looks lovely! The changes you made make it seem warmer, more full, and more like “home” without becoming busy. I notice you have the exact same “displays” in your bookshelves though (eagle eye) — changing that up a few times a year might keep things more interesting :)

  4. I kind of agree that the tree looks like a pile of trash, in a very esoteric way, but I kind of like it like that!

  5. For someone who has some sense of style regarding clothing, you do fail with home decor. Looks like some stuff that was on sale at either Target or Pottery Barn. Love that you think you are so highbrow, then post these photos. Too funny.

    Actual advice: the cabinet under the TV is too small – needs to be wider and the ceiling fan – replace that cheapo one with a high end one w/some style.

  6. room looks great and the tree lovely. the only suggestion i would give is to have some throw pillows made that pick up the colors in the rug/wall and blue…kinda tie it all together. did tom pitt build your home? i live in the area and we have strikingly similar homes. merry holydays to you, phil and the precious wee ones.

  7. Stephanie & Phil – room looks good! The blue sofas really work. What does “guaranteed against stains” mean? I need more of that in my life/home!!

  8. I can’t get over that you’re Jewish and celebrate Christmas.

    The room is very pretty and comfortable looking at the same time. I liked the before just as much though. It was a touch more urban, but both are very nice.

    1. I believe there is a blog post on this past (extensively) covering this topic. She does both b/c her mom is of Greek heritage and dad is Jewish. Although typically Jews I know (and a large bunch of Israeli friends) consider you Jewish only if your mother is a Jew- well, I think it’s a matter of exposure and all of that. And it doesn’t seem SK is hardcore into either religion (i.e. regularly attending temple or church services) so it’s kind of laid back. At least that’s my impression from reading this for a while…

      1. True.. but then again, I also know tons of people who were raised in 100% Jewish households (Mom and Dad both Jewish) and still celebrate Christmas.. Christmas carols, Christmas dinner, Christmas cookies, the whole shebang!

        P.S. Hope you and your family are having a very Merry Christmas, Stephanie!!!

  9. I think the room looks beautiful and I like the tree very much. Very twinkly.

    The only thing that distracted my eye was the light switch (or whatever it is) to the left of the TV. Can’t you paint it the same color as the wall so it doesn’t stand out so starkly?

    Other than that….great room. Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah!

  10. Paint the walls if you are not fond of them! Easy make over. What color are you thinking?

    1. love the changes, especially the sofa and the ottoman. i agree with Amy–paint the walls!

  11. Thank you! I really enjoyed the galleries. I hadn’t even noticed that section of this site! I was missing a whole part of your blog world!!! Merry Xmas Stephanie.

  12. My Christmas tree is up and my daughter decorated it while I baked homemade chocolate chip cookies yum. I have a Christmas wreath on my door but I do not have any decorations outside.

  13. Love the room! What a comfy place to enjoy a Christmas morning! Hope Santa was good to all of you :)

  14. It’s beautiful. I couldn’t envision the blue and white you posted earlier mixing with what looked like warm walls and wood you were starting with, but it really works. It looks so much brighter in there now. Good job and good eye!

  15. It is also everyone’s right, via free speech, to comment negatively on anyone’s outfit, hair, exterior home decor, etc. — but most people with social skills choose to use the manners their parents taught them growing up and keep their mouth shut.

    Constructive feedback (i.e., “great tree — might look even better if it was more minimalist”) is helpful. Rudeness never is…and it’s also just plain mean. The internet doesn’t excuse bad behavior or rudeness.

  16. The tree is beautiful and I love the changes you made to the room! I would never have thought that light blue couches would work in any room but the color looks great. And they look so dam comfy!

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