what would a snob do in Austin?

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Since I’m a New Yorker living in Austin, I’m finding that a lot of people have been emailing, asking where I’d go if I were them, while here in Austin for SXSW. So here’s my list of hits:

Best places for when you have to poop: The Driskill Hotel

Best place to for wine:
Roaring Fork, map
Mulberry, map

Best place to get work done:
Blu (adjacent to Mulberry)

Best Place to get a margarita & queso & cornbread:
Z Tejas
El Chile Café y Cantina

Best places to shop if you’re a chick:
By George, map
Neiman Marcus Last Call

Best burger:
The Jackalope

If you’re soused to the gills and hungry for FRIED PICKLES:
Katz’s Deli

Where you’re likely to spot a celebrity:
The Driskill Hotel
Eddie V’s

Most overrated places in Austin: El Arroyo, 219 West, The Belmont

To get your sushi fix:

Best Happy Hour:
Eddie V’s

Best Brunch:
Fonda San Miguel
Curra’s Grill

Overall Best Oysters, seafood, yummies:
Eddie V’s

4 YEARS AGO: Dirty Di



  1. So many of the places you list are near on actually downtown. There are so many more places in central austin and such. Why be so limiting? I wonder if you ever get out beyond your little neighborhood and the downtown area yourself.

    FROM SK: This is a list for people who are mostly limited to downtown and taxi cabs, who don't want to leave the downtown area. That was the point of the list.

  2. Went to Z Tejas last night and Kenichi on Thursday. So, so sorry I missed you. I'll be back. Orrr you could just come back to NY. xo

  3. i gotta add moonshine for downtown awesomeness. everything they serve is delicious and their brunch is a veritable wonderland of anything you would want to eat (especially if you're hungover). get there early.

  4. I stayed at the Driskill with my mother when she had a comped stay there. It was absolutely fabulous and we loved it.

  5. I have to add to your list.
    Best Burger is Casino El Camino, by far the best burger in town. It's on 6th street so it is close to everything.

    Where you'll likely spot a celebrity, the Four Seasons bar. Our Four Seasons sucks but everyone stays there.

  6. Louie's 106 on 6th Street just West of the Driskell Hotel has 1/2 off bottles of wine on Sunday nights, and great food.

  7. Moonshine has an awesome Sunday brunch and bloody marys. One of my favorite places by far.

  8. A lot of celeb's can be seen at Kenichi too (Ethan Hawke and some chick were seen there right when his divorce was happening!)

    Another great shopping place for chicks is BuyDefinition, you can view their collection online at http://www.buydefinition.com but you can also visit their showroom, try stuff on, and purchase it on the spot, conveniently located on SoCo in Austin. Also C.Jane on Guadalupe has super cute clothes, but you have to put up with the college crowd – By George used to be in this very same shop. Blue Elephant for designer jeans (sometimes they put out fresh cookies!) and Feathers Boutique for best vintage!

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