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This is the photo appearing on the back cover of my memoir, MOOSE




  1. hmmm…i love this photo (and how old and creased and precious it is). your face is classic…and you look soooo long island. plus i love that i get to see you from this time you always talk about!

  2. Hey Stephanie,

    I give you huge credit for posting that picture! HUGE! For those of us (myself included) that tend to think you are a narcissist and rather full of yourself, you've redeemed yourself with that photo.

    I've wondered how you are qualified to write about Fat Camp. I couldn't really see you ever having to go through that, as you are quite fit and lovely from the photos you share.

    I have a feeling this comment is totally going to be taken the wrong way, but believe me, it's complimentary.

    Rock on!

  3. damn that pic has been banged up :)
    I think I only have maybe two pics of me between the age of 11 and 14 when I was fat, had braces and kinky permed hair. I wish I had allowed people to take more pics of me now but daaaaamn i was fugly.

  4. yet more proof that we only get better w/age! how old were you in this photo?

  5. Kudos to you for saying eff it and showing us what you looked like back in the day. If you wouldn't mind, can you please share how much you weighed in that photo – and were you 5'5" at the time? Thanks and happy Friday!

  6. You should have people submit pics of themselves at this age.
    I look back on pictures of myself at this age in amazement. Really, I look the same, but my face was just starting to change. So face was thin and my nose was more pronounced, I hated it. Now it fits but when I was skinny and super short, I hated it. I also had a perm, not a great idea for someone with enough hair for three people. Hence, the hugest hair ever. Wow, what a visual I have created.

  7. I love this photo. Love it. I have several JUST like it, although I was not lucky enough to go to fat camp.

    By the way, I don't think you are a narcissist or full of yourself. You are brave enough to share all parts of yourself (with strangers)–the pretty and the ugly–and that makes you real.

    Some people are just judgey and mean…

  8. Ahhhh and I thought *I* was the only person blessed with that body type. Truly lovely. I'll never forget when I had one of my first midwife appointments and she tells me that I could accomodate at 12 pound baby. Mmmm-hmmm. I got those wide "birthing hips".

  9. how is this brave? she's not fat anymore. every teenage girl had an awkward period–Stephanie's was being fat, mine was looking like the guy from Mask. so she lost weight, i had plastic surgery and i'm sure the rest of you have similar experiences.

    perspective, people…

    (sorry if this is a duplicate, comments seem not to be loading).

  10. Moose is going to have a real impact Stephanie. Thanks for posting this. You are GORGEOUS now… there is hope for a lot of younger women.

  11. How refreshing, Stephanie!

    Please open a section where we call all post (from photobucket, maybe?) our own photos from being 14 years old and awfully awkward. Nobody I know now believes I was called "Greenie Weenie Ski Slope" for two solid years.

    Instead, they want to know who my plastic surgeon was so that they too can have a scooped out, turned up nose. I don't wish it on anybody!

  12. You're lucky that you have saved so many things from your past. Every time I entered a new stage in life, I destroyed all of the things from the previous stage – photos, letters, notes, drawings. I always thought I was moving on, becoming a new person, leaving the silly emotions I had during that period behind. It's only recently (I'm 34)that I've realized that I really haven't changed at all. I'm that same girl. I just like her now. I wish I still had those tokens from my past. I would look at them in a whole new light.

  13. Wow! Kudos for posting this pic! Actually kudos for it still being in existence… I had some that would rival these back in the day, but I (hopefully) destroyed all evidence of it! ;-)

  14. So what the other commenters are neglecting to say is that we all had an awkward stage. Didn't we? Mine happened to be at the same age as Stephanie's, so I recognize a lot of myself in that picture.

    It seems disingenuous to just say You're so brave for posting that (subtext: it's a terrible, awkward picture) without adding that WE ourselves have ALL had our phases that were just as bad. You go, Stephanie, but only while we all admit that we could be standing in your shoes too.

  15. You look like the girl who would lead the other kids, the leader-person that's in every class (if you know what I mean, can't really express this well). And actually not fat, but firm.
    It's an awkward age for 95% of all girls. At that time I didn't like to have my picture taken – especially in my bathing suit, as my chest was as flat as a pancake, my hair a frizzy mess and my face covered in pimples.

    @Kate: according to the Moose cover will be the picture of a scale. (I like it, simple but strong)

  16. I would just like to echo the fact that many of us had awkward times that are tough to look back on. I wasn't overweight, but I had horrible acne and wore braces for what seemed like 10 years. The pictures from that time are truly laughable at this point in my life. I was always trying to hide as much of my face as possible….behind hair, behind other people, you name it. It was a tough time for me, but I also look at as a strong character-building experience. It prepared me for much bigger challenges to come later.

  17. God bless us every one. And you for hanging onto this picture. I avoid pictures of 3rd- 9th grade like the plague. I had a lengthy and painful ugly stage- brought on by a perm (when my hair is curly already) and not helped by the glasses and braces and weight. It's a wonder I survived. Thanks for posting this. It's a reminder how far we've all come.

  18. Will you be doing a reading in DC this year? We have a group of at least 30 of us that will sponsor. Come read. Share stories. Drink wine!

  19. I gave straight up and dirty to my best friend when she was going through her break up. it changed her outlook on life. I'm betting Moose will do the same for my fat ass.

  20. I agreed with Canahenia, the first thought that came to mine when i saw the picture was "she looks so puerto rican, big hair, big hoops" not that is a bad thing anyways.

  21. Honestly, I'm not so sure what's brave about posting a photo like this. I'm not saying Stephanie's not a brave person. I'm saying I don't see the posting of this picture as an act of bravery. Stephanie has always been very open about alot of things. It makes sense that she'd be open about what she looks like now and what she looked like then. Especially since her weight, age and body image seem to be the focal point of her next book.

    Stephanie – in this picture I can definitely see the resemblance between yourself and your son, Lucas. I'm not quite sure what it is – I think it is around the eyes.

  22. You look strong somehow in this photo. You can just see it in your eyes.
    I think that the strength of character displayed in this picture ultimately served you well over the years. It helped you realize that you weren't going to put up with the wasband's crap and that you were going to change your life, no matter what.
    I admire that and I think it's helped to inspire so many women who've read your book and blog.

  23. Is this picture crinkled, torn & wrinkled because someone once wanted to destroy it?
    Just curious…….

  24. It's hard to believe that was you — obviously I can see that is is you but wow! You look so different now. Can't wait to read Moose to learn what you were thinking, went through and think about it now. What a great tease for us! Brilliant.

  25. I agree with Jenny–I really like how you've held on to "warts and all" photos like the one above–Like Jenny, I also have a terrible habit of pitching away everything when a part of my life has ended–old letters from ex-boyfriends, photos of extremely unfortunate hair color decisions, etc. I think I may start a new habit…

    Also, I love the swim-wear jewelry. I, too always felt the need to wear my jumbo hoop earrings w/ my suit!

  26. I agree that you look very self-assured in this picture. It's wonderful! I, unfortunately, ripped every photo of myself at 12 and 13. I was one skinny neck topped off with a horrible haircut. My beautician aunt gave me a pixie cut and with my big ears, I looked like I would lift off on a windy day. I'm sorry I didn't save those photos.
    Good luck with the book; I'm sure it will be great.

  27. Good for you. I love the cover and can't wait for the book- I hate that we have to wait until May!

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