things are looking up

Dsc_7748 I took you to the hospital on Monday for another MRI.  We’ve got the routine down now.  They all know us there.  I know to dress you in clothes without metal snaps.  I know the cafeteria makes a killer patty melt, that the nurses say every baby is cute (but you really are), and that you like when people say hello to you.  You laugh like a grandpa, or a smoker.  And you are the sweetest little boy I’ve ever known.  So sweet.  The physical therapist who comes to our house on Thursdays says the time flies with you, that she wishes she could stay with you all day, that you’re so agreeable and sweet-tempered.  You’re a little cuddle bug lover, and it’s the best. 

We visited your doctor yesterday for the MRI results.  "So much better," he said.  "There’s still abnormal enhancement which indicates inflammation, but there’s no longer pressure from any cysts, no longer are there spaces where there shouldn’t be."  Your anatomy is lookin’ good, kid.  The top view of your spine, which kinda looked like a half filled circle before, looks almost totally open. Could it come back?  Maybe.  Will it resolve completely?  We hope so. 

On the Hydrocephalus front, since they don’t know what caused it, it may be that even if the shunt stops working you’d be fine if the cause turns out to be the spine enhancement. So, our next step is a follow-up MRI in six months, to check your spine, your shunt, and that sweet bean noggin of yours.  We love you, dumpling head.  Happy news for your happy birthday.



  1. You made my day with such joyous news. The happy tears are welling up in my eyes right now.

  2. What a huge relief for you all! (and all of us, of course). He's a precious boy, and I'm so glad he's doing well.

  3. Wonderful news, Stephanie!! Even though I don't know you, don't know Abigail or Lucas or "the once suitor, now hubby:" I can't help getting choked up at the photo of Lucas and the good news! Your family has been in my prayers many times; I feel like I know you. :-)

    My best to you and your beautiful family!


  4. all i can say is that i believe that prayers truly work. i add lucas in every day to mine, even when we haven't heard what has been going on. please G-d all news will continue this way!

  5. Belated birthday wishes to your beautiful babies!

    This picture of Lucas is just priceless. He's really gorgeous, as is Abigail.

  6. Congrats on the great news – you all must be so happy. And Lucas is adorable in the pic you posted!

  7. So happy with your good news. As a neonatal nurse, I understand every word you say, so I am so glad for you. He is really a cutie pie.

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