We’re gambling again.  Can’t quite help ourselves, though this time we’ll be in Atlantic City (eating at Sea Blue).  We’re going with my Dad and Carol, and I can’t wait!  I’ll be back to posting after the weekend.  I can’t wait to gamble with my dad for the first time.  I’d heard stories about Yo=lleven and "Lady Shooter," but now I’m ready to see it all first hand.  I wonder what kind of drinker he’ll be, how weird it will be to get our drink and game on together.  I love being with family.  It’s just for one night, while Phil’s parents adore the grandtots.




  1. I simply cannot get ovr how fast those babies are growing! They are absolutely precious, Stephanie. Precious. Happy gambling!

  2. Thanks for posting a picture. They are so cute! Lucas looks so much like you and I love his expression. I am curious–whom does your family say the twins resemble the most?

  3. I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE the outfit Lucas has on. SOOOO adorable. Abigail as well. They are beautiful. I know you get these comments a thousand times, but it really is crazy how much they each look like the two of you. Lucas is identical to you, yet Phil as well, and same for Abigail. Those eyes, the expressions. They are simply angelic and I know you are aware of all of your blessings. So happy to hear you had a great holiday, here in Canada it was last month and I missed being with family because I recently moved across the country, but, I fly home in a week to start my Christmas vacation!! :)

    Have fun gambling with the dad. It is one of my MOST favorite things to do with my mom. Dinner then a night of drinks and gambling. Soooo fun and whether we win or lose I always end up dying laughing. Have a great night Steph, you and Phil deserve it!

  4. Could those kids BE any cuter!! They look so 'grown up' in those adorable outfits. Enjoy the outing with your Dad. How was the shopping?

  5. Enjoy AC- Hope you win!!! I always forget how much fun it is until I get there…My game is Roulette. It's all luck- no skill needed.

  6. Oh my LORD those babies are delish!!!

    Have a GREAT time. Indulge in some debauchery at the Borgota if you have time!

  7. I am always slightly stunned to see how dissimilar your children look and yet how at the same time they both resemble you.

    I'm sure Phil's parents think otherwise.

  8. Why is it that pictures of tiny kids in holiday outfits always feel so nostalgic?

    They're really sweet.

  9. at 12 weeks, 3 days pregnant, i feared that my tough, single, urban chick exterior/interior would never be able to entirely soften for my coming bean, sigh… than then i saw lucas and abigail. breathtaking. thanks for sharing. enjoy AC.

  10. what a lovely photo of the beans, lucas looks so much like you! they both look truly adorable.

  11. OMG! The Beans look positively BEAUTIFUL! I wouldn't be at all surprised if they got a modeling gig out of this shot! 2 cute!!!

    Look how charming and persuasive he is, and how blatantly-gorgeous, she is…

  12. Happy Thanksgiving, Stephanie!

    So glad to read that you're taking time for fun with the grown-ups. I remember the first time I ever got drunk around my dad. It was quite the event!

    Your kiddos look adorable in the plaid, too!

  13. you're like those parents who give their kids presents when they'll be away. you always give your devout readers the perfect treat while you're away – pictures of your delicious little beans.

    goodness, they are a sight in argyle and plaid. nice work. happy crapping.

  14. Why are these the cutest tots in the land?

    Lucas is too cool for school and Miss Abigail is too cute for words.

  15. The beans are adorable! I love the way you dress them. You don't see little girls in dresses much anymore. Lucas looks so great and Abigail's eyes are amazing. Hard to believe they're a year old.
    I've never been to Vegas or Atlantic City but I've played cards and participated in some charity "Vegas Nights." I get bored; winning or losing, sitting there just doesn't do it for me. But I'm in the minority.
    Have a great time.

  16. What gorgeous children! I enjoy reading your blog, seeing your children grow. I have a 28 year old son in Fort Worth, Texas who refuses to marry or have children, so I feel blessed to live vicariously through your writing.

    Cheers & happy holidays

  17. Oh my God they're beautiful! I hope the family got to spoil the heck out of them this weekend! Glad you are getting to spend time the way you want it again, a little less stressed :) SO….dare I ask about the book? Would also love an update on how the kids do together, with each other. Are you seeing traits to their personality, do they seem to sence whats going on with each other?

  18. Every time you post photos of the beans I remember the first set of pictures from the hospital and how teeny-tiny they were not even a year ago. Lucas has definitely grown out of his Mr. Magoo stage and Abigail is such a heartbreaker.

    Have fun being grown-ups with your Dad and his wife. It is always strange to me when I catch my Mom and I both being adults together… I swear I don't feel thirty.

  19. Beautiful! I think I only comment in re the kids, tho I check your blog quite regularly. I enjoy it all the time. Have to say these are exceptionally lovely kids – I am quite taken by their eyes – they look so different (L's are so dark and deep and A's are so round and blue), but they both are perfect… just awesome!! :-)

  20. I'm always baffled as little kids get older. Even though I know it's going to happen I'm still like "My, how they've grown!" They're gorgeous and I can't wait to hear about your plans for their first birthday.

  21. They are beautiful! Lucas looks like you now and Abigail looks like you did as a baby. Just perfect.

  22. I am also amazed at how they don't look like twins, but my god, they look like a little phil and a little stephanie. It's unbelieveable.. I mean I know they are your children, so they should look like you, but it's so interesting! And they are cute. Lucas looks like a tiny little grown up man in that outfit! how cute.

  23. The tots are adorable!! I can't believe how fast they have grown. They both like mini me's. Precious.

  24. "They don't look like twins."


    What sort of comment is that?

    They are not identical twins, so why would they be expected to look like each other?

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