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yo' mama

A list of unusual and highly coveted gifts for your mother.  And of course, a list of things any mother, including the new ones (ahem) would love.  Though really, I’m not hinting.  I need to decorate this house!  That’s my next list of ideas… home decor. 



  1. hi stephanie, the zebra skin table is cool but I have seen a chair which I think you will really like, since its ultra cool!

  2. What a fun list! Thanks for the ideas. Most have taken a long time to put together.

  3. Dear Stephanie,

    We are the makers of the Pirolettes. We want to thank you for including us on your list of Mother's Day gifts, we've had a ton of visitors coming from here & we appreciate it.

    Many Thanks,
    Tom & Lorie Beshara

  4. Since you love necklaces so much you should get a nice locket necklace for the twins' pics. I still have my pendant necklace someone bought me for a bday present.
    heartsmith has beautiful lockets at reasonable prices.

  5. I love Carrie Weston`s diaper pin necklace. Its so cute! Can you believe it`s your first Mother`s Day as a mom?

  6. HA! Note to Phil: Don't mess this one up! Note to my dear husband: If you even think about spending this kind of $$ on shoes for me instead of something meaningful like a college fund I will kill you.

  7. Now, now. This just gave me something fun to do: putting together this list. It's a list of whimsy, and if I saw it somewhere else, I'd say, "yeah, who's going to spend $3,000 on a mother's day gift?" I don't really want and certainly don't need these things. It's much more like window shopping. In all truth, and as cheesy as it sounds, I really am so happy with everything I already have. Though I do need to decorate this house of ours; it's still empty.

  8. Impeccable taste, as always. Love these posts.

    Now when the heck are you coming for a visit?


  9. I didnt want to say it but Alison did.
    I thought the same thing when I saw them.

  10. I didnt say anything about the brand. I was talking about the style of the shoe. Hey, I know what makes me feel whole; Posting on someone else's blog I dont even know with an insult.
    That always gets me strutting.

  11. There is one thing on your list that I didn't see and I know it is highly coveted… peace and quiet. I now fully understand why that is all my mom ever asked for.

  12. The manolos and the choos together do not even make up for those gucci horrors.

    FROM STEPHANIE: That, my friend, is why there are 31 flavors. More for me.

  13. Hey Steph. I feel bad even asking this, knowing you have the twins and oh so much to do but I really didn't know whom else to go to and I respect your opinion. I recently started taking photography classes and through word of mouth I was asked to provide some photos for a local very chic establishment. Much like your Patrick McMullen-wife of the Hotel Gansevoort- story (yes I have the book!) I was wondering how did you know you were ready to go public with your work? Did you pick a theme? I know my work is good but I can't help but have that nagging self doubt. So if you get the time I'd like to hear your thoughts.
    Love ya and the list (like Julie I hated those shoes)

  14. Some of these things look cool, but this list reminds me of those pages in magazines that do "Steal/Splurge" lists, where you can splurge and spend $1500 on a coat, or get it at a steal for only $600. Meanwhile I can't help but think "All my coats together don't equal $600 and I can't imagine spending that much."

    Thank you for putting this together. While I agree it's fun to virtually window-shop, your list reminds me that the present I'm most proud to have given my dad was a three page (back and front, as Ross Geller would say) letter listing every nice thing he'd ever done for me that I could remember. Thank you for reminding me that money doesn't equal love; it's so easy to forget sometimes in such a consumer-driven society.

  15. I usually get and love the handmade goodies my three kids make me at school. Someday you will have the same.

    In the meantime ease up on the Hallmark Holidays girl. Life is so much more than overpriced shoes.

  16. guess what..i actually think the gucci's are cute…maybe its just you and me stephanie.Great mother's day inspiration..sadly i think my mother would die instantly after reading parts of your book, she is just one of those mom's-wonderful yet uptight-
    However, i love the book..I'm ready for moose!!!

  17. Yeah those Gucci sandals are very bridge and tunnel as we say back in New York. However, the croissants!? Now that is a GIFT!

    FROM STEPHANIE: I know it, but in order to get them in time for mother's day, you had to buy them by noon on Monday. Oh well. And those shoes would look rockin' with a pair of long jeans. Just sayin'

  18. I actually like the Guccis. And just about everything else on the list. Sometimes it's fun to get caught up in brand names and consumerism every now and then. I know I do!

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