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Before you’re browbeaten by the leaden weight of a holiday week spent with extended family, far too much sugar, and not nearly enough booze, I need to remind you to set your TiVos and DVRs.  You need to get this on tape.  ABC News will air “Caught,” a special two-hour edition of “20/20” on Friday Dec.29, at 9pm, ET. While the episode’s focus is a year in review of the digital video phenomenon—covering everything from YouTube to TMZ to scandalous sex tapes—they’ve also found room for moi.  There’s a lot of talk about privacy issues when there’s mention of surveillance cameras and video cell phones, so they came to me (and filmed me in my home and at the NICU with our babies!) wanting to know why someone, such as myself, would choose to put so much of themselves out there, for the general public. Why be so TMI in a world of blogs, where future employers and anyone with an Internet connection can google you?  Why the hell would someone choose to put so much of herself out there, sharing details usually reserved for the diaries we keep locked and stowed away in the darkest parts of our lives?  I’ll tell you, and the rest of the nation, when the episode airs this Friday.

And yes, it was strange being filmed only a week after giving birth, but the interview had been scheduled for Monday, and since I’d gone into labor on the Thursday prior, there was no way I could be alert enough to answer questions, even just about myself.  They were accomodating enough to fly to Austin later in the week, only now they asked, very politely and in a way that didn’t feel invasive at all, if they could film me with our children.  At first, I felt strange about it.  Like I was invading their privacy, little Lucas and Abigail, but Philip convinced me, insisting, "It might help someone else feel less alone, struggling with a premature child."  So that was that.  I haven’t seen the episode, or any of the footage, and will be watching it with the rest of you on Friday as we nurse our hangovers, or children, as the case may be.  Hope you’re having a warm delicious holiday filled with food coma, wrapping paper, and recycled holiday TV. 



  1. I'll be sure to set my recorder. Thanks for the heads up. I hope you and Phil have a wonderful Christmas with Abigail and Lucas!

  2. Wow. You are everywhere.

    It'll be fun for us to see you, Phil and the babies on TV. You must have an incredible PR person!

    You inspire me and reinforce that anything is possible, just by living your passions and being yourself. You are manifesting great things.

    Going to go set my DVR!

    FROM STEPHANIE: HA! No, I do not have a PR person, not yet. Putting yourself "out there" seems to get you out there sometimes. That, of course, was never my intention, but you can't beat being reckognized for simply being yourself and loving what you do.

  3. Your little ones seems as strong as anything, and in years to come they'll look back on their TV debut and watch how much their parents instantly loved them.

  4. Wow, you are a far braver woman than I… Congratulations! Can't wait to see it. I remember seeing you on TV for your cookie exchange party, and how things have changed for you since then.

    Merry Christmas to all of you!

  5. thank you for sharing. i so look foward to seeing the little ones in their national debut!

  6. Happy Holidays, Stephanie. I will unfortunately be in the city and am DVR-Less (I'm just not all that technologically savvy) so I will hope to catch some of it online over the weekend. Enjoy the weekend, the beans and all that is Merry :)

    Amanda Lynn, Stephanie mentioned that she'll be filmed it the NICU with the twins, so now, they're not home yet..soon enough!

  7. Congratulations on your beautiful babies, and happy holidays. I'll definately be watching. I love your blog!

  8. I look forward to seeing you and your babies! Merriest of Christmases to you and your growing family.

  9. Shoot! I was away and missed this blog in time to see it or even tape it. :o( Any ideas on how to go about finding it on-line, perhaps? I'd love to see it. I'd really appreciate it if you can think of anything. Happy Holidays to you and your new, beautiful family.

  10. Happy Holidays!

    As I'm living in Germany, there is no possibility to watch you on TV. Is there a change, that someone will share the episode as a download in the web?!? That would be great!!!

    Stephanie, all the best for your family!

  11. Uh, Andrea… Stephanie said it is for Dec. 29, this coming Friday, so you didn't miss it!

    STEPHANIE– Please give us another blog-reminder of the show so we can all remember to tune in Friday night! Thanks!

  12. and for the rest of us outside your great nation? do remember to answer the question again here for us!

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