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Because you asked.  Because I’m self-absorbed.  Because I can.  It’s product time… because I assume that’s what you meant by posting “tell us about your new look”  in the comment section of this blog.
I came home and said, “what the hell are they talking about, ‘new look?'”
The Suitor responded, “you don’t want to hear it.”  Dear Lord. What are we going to fight about now?  “Well, it’s just that lately you’ve been wearing things I say you look nice in, so people are responding”  WRONG.  It’s all about the hair and bronzer, pal.  That New Year’s top wasn’t his choice; it was mine.  “Well,” he said, “that was a compromise.”  It was not.  It was my begging him to help me decide what to wear and wearing what I wanted to anyway (don’t we all do that?!).  The compromise was what I wore over the breast shirt (a long-sleeve top).  So please chime in and let him know it wasn’t the button down that makes it a “new look” but the bronzer or hair, or anything but making him right.  He does that way too often.

Aveda_be_curlyHAIR: I’m loving the Be Curly Aveda product combined with my Infusium.  I take a large-barrel curling iron to the few stray curls that won’t behave.  It softens things up a bit, especially around the face.

CLOTHING: I’m wearing more color.  I love the cashmere cableknits from J.Crew right now, especially over a button-down.  I’ve always loved that “back to school” look with a pair of abused jeans.  I need to wear my navy gold-buttoned blazer more often. I still love my scarves as tops, but The Suitor can’t stand them.  Says, “would you ever wear a shirt with that pattern?”

But I LOVE them! See here, and here, here, and sure, here and here.  I have no doubt there are many others; the point is, I like wearing them.  He hates them, so I’ve stopped.  I know he has stopped wearing things he liked once upon a time because I made the face each time he put on his bright yellow shirt with his pale blue, way too big, uglyass jeans.  I’m going out this Saturday night with the girls.  He won’t be around.  I’m wearing a damn scarf somewhere on my body, even if he does think it’s craptastic.


I’ve created this primitive diagram to help you out.  If you want to get all tricky, you can experiment by taking a ring (yes, one that you’d wear typically on your finger), and slipping it on before you knot corners A & D together.  Push the ring down, then slip your head through, pulling the corners into a knot behind your head, so the ring is now in front.  You can push it up or down as if it were the knot of a men’s tie.  You can also play with twisting the scarf a bit once it’s on your neck, before tying together corners B & C.  No pins or bra needed!  Though if you must, I can’t say enough great things about this bra!!!

MAKEUP: It’s all about the Nars.  I’m such an addict for that font, and it doesn’t hurt with product names like “deep throat” and “orgasm.”   I don’t use a self-tanner because I can’t handle that sweet smell.  Don’t bother recommending one to me because now I’m addicted to a good bronzer (without that shimmer tell).  So here’s what’s in my to-go makeup bag (opposed to my trunk of products when I feel I need a change):  Blush & Bronze colors: Ninotchka (almost the color of bronzer, can definitely double as one. It’s not pink or peach, so it gives the effect of just a more contoured cheek.)  Then for the apples, it’s all about Desire, a very bright in the palette pink, but on, it gives a healthy pinky flush up against the Laguna bronzer.  For lips: I like anything that tastes like mint chocolate chip, and it is my estimation that Pout’s Plump does a body good… or at least a set of lips. Eyes: Okay, listen up.  It’s all about a good eyebrow threading session.  Someone somewhere said something about eyebrows being the frame of the face… someone was right.  If I have a great eyebrow going, nothing else matters.  Threading.  I’m telling you.  Then, I take a white shimmer stick and draw a thin line beneath the brow to highlight that bone.  You can see it here.

For more on this subject, open the “preening” category where I mention the rest of my product addictions.



  1. Your first paragraph was very difficult to follow. Maybe it was stream of consciousness, but as the reader, I had a difficult time following your thoughts.

    Also, how do you tie the scarves when you wear it as a shirt? It's a great look and I might have to copy!

  2. I've been a fan for some time now, but this is the first time I am writing. The scarves as tops – beautiful. Will you write a step-by-step process for doing that? You must use pins or something? Also, I wonder if you have seen the products under bath and body on Tha body butter is amazing.

  3. the being a girl link won't work…i'm dying here. =) p.s. i'm loving the scarves. how do you do it?

  4. Hey:

    Aveda products rule! You look awesome! Your blog rocks. That being said, I don't want to be critical, but in all honesty, the bronzer makes you look a little "Miami Beach Oompa Loompa" especially in the dead of winter. Maybe it's just the photos. I'd save it for the warmer weather. I don't know. Don't be mad.

  5. "It was my begging him to help me decide what to wear and wearing what I wanted to anyway (don't we all do that?!)."

    Why does the species from Venus do that? We aren't any help to you in deciding what to wear, you won't listen to us, we don't usually care, and we hate that there has to be this conflict over something so unnecessary.

    It's a mixture of dread and amusement when I am asked my opinion. 'Do I look fat in this outfit?' sends shivers down my spine.

    STOP IT!


  6. I love it! Oompa Loompa! I'm going to now say, "Wait, give me one more sec before I'm ready. Just need to get my Oompa Loompa ON!" Classic.

  7. Hmmm, I never said anything about a "new look" and I really don't see any difference. You still look great. You seem happier.

  8. Thanks for this – I've been searching for a good bronzer/blush combination so I'm going to do a little experimentation at Sephora. Not the Nars counter because they bother me.

    What is it about men and their ugly-ass jeans? The first thing I did with my now-husband was a total jeans overhaul. The man dressed well, but the jeans, they were horrific.

  9. Stephanie…this is the perfect post on this dreary Friday morning in Chicago! I am honestly making a list of your products and running to Sephora after work tonight. I can't get enough of your blog! :)

  10. "Dear Lord. What are we going to fight about now? "

    I was so right when I thought that you were extremely immature.

  11. Don't listen to any criticism you receive from wearing scarves as shirts or as anything else. The scarves are lovely, and yes, I would wear a shirt with those prints. Keep the scarves. Go buy some more even. You look particularly nice in the turquoise. I would love it if you would include some sort of instruction for turning a scarf into a shirt, because I live in Florida and this is a look I think I could pull off well down here.

  12. What do you do about support under the scarf shirt? I'm generally anti-halter-neck, as it makes most women look as though their breasts are sagging down and outwards.

  13. Would it be weird if I say that you're much prettier in person? Because it's true. Let's just say the pictures don't do you justice. And being that I have to go to Aveda to stock up this weekend, I'll have to get some be curly.

  14. I am surprised so many of you girls don't know about wearing a scarf as a shirt. You must be very young. Back in the '60s and '70s (yeah, I am old) doing this with Pucci scarves was the thing.

  15. Suitor,

    Sorry to say, but I was referring to Stephanie's "new" hair/makeup look. Although I'm pretty sure that part of that new glow comes from how happy she seems to be (with you).

    Nars' revenues are going through the roof this weekend when I hit Sephora!

    Thanks for the suggestions – girlie posts are my fav!

  16. Steph, I noticed the "new look" as well and it definitely has to do with the hair and bronzer. It looks like you have been hanging out in the sun. You look fab!

  17. OK, as long as we're girling it up, I have to ask, how do you get/keep your curls separate? I'd have fabulous hair too (kinda like yours, only black) if I could figure out this one elusive bit. I've tried every product under the sun, even Be Curly, but can't figure out how to get the curls separate without coming out crunchy or oily. Extra shiny works for lighter hair, but on dark hair it just looks like the 3rd day post shampoo. Help!

  18. Don't sacrifice your sense of style (love, love, love the scarves!) just because he doesn't have any…

  19. I got all testy when I read that he doesn't like your scarves… I love my husband, but the day that he starts giving me unwanted fashion advice is the day that I remind him about all his old awful cosby sweaters and wide wale corduroy shorts that I had to get rid of. I got the scarf idea from you and rocked it just last month…And it looked cute in bright flashy prints….

  20. If you look at the New Year's picture linked to this post to show your top, your face is about 5 shades darker and more orange than the rest of your body.

  21. I'm in love (love love love) with the new J Crew tuxedo shirts in pastels – totally fabulous! So glad to see another girl wearing her scarf as a top – love the look – totally sexy.

    Aveda is great – but i'm all about Philip B products now.

    Happy Happy New Year!

  22. Joey B. – that line caught me too. It's a pet peeve of mine when someone asks me a question but then doesn't actually want to know what my answer is. I think it's rude.

    But when trying to decide what to wear, sometimes there are a million and a half factors being taken under consideration. How it fits, how it looks, how comfortable it is, how it feels, how it makes us feel, what mood we're in, what mood we think we'll be in later, what statement it makes, what shoes will go with it, where and when we last wore it, who saw us. The list goes on. Your input is sometimes just one piece of information being taken into consideration. It's unnecessarily complicated, I know.

    On a different note, I'm really digging the scarf tops. I've read before that you wore scarfs as tops but I assumed you meant the whole "fold in half then wrap around your torso and tie in the back" thing that was hot for a while. I never liked that look, but the way you do it looks classy and unique (but maybe not so unique now with all of us wanting to try it!). Thanks for sharing that idea.

  23. I love your eyeshadow shades– pink… do you have suggestions on that? Maybe for next girlie-entry.

    Love you Stephanie and can't wait for your book! Best/warm wishes

  24. Hmm I'm having trouble posting a comment:
    Stephanie- love your eyeshadows- the pink shades– any suggestions or brands you like?

    Nars really should send you a gift basket or something this weekend!
    Love you and your writing, and best wishes for your book this year!

  25. Okay – now that I've looked through all the pics, I concur – your scarves are fantastic! I think they're absolutely beautiful.

    And Stephanie, I agree with most of the above, it's definitely a new glow about you – whether makeup, bronzer or happiness – that is obvious to all of us. Hadn't exactly noticed the clothes – just the glow. Have a great time tonight and a great weekend!

  26. I wont ever understand the desire to post entries detailing your choice in makeup, clothing, comments on the aforementioned by your boyfriend, etc, but that is your prerogative, and its a free country, so god bless you. But the question i must ask is dont any of your friends feel uncomfortable about you posting pictures of them, and stories about your outings, for a world of strangers to read/see? And i would think it would be less of an issue of them protecting their privacy, and more a question of them feeling completely foolish about the whole concept.

    Now, i am a guy, so the following comparison is not really apples to apples. But i can say, with 100% cetainty, that if i was to have a blog similar to yours, my friends would mock me relentlessly, but they wouldnt really give a shit. BUT, if i was to post pictures of them as well, they would probably beat me senseless. Now, they also wouldnt be actively posing for said photos, but if i was taking photos like many people do, and then was to post them on my blog, i would receive a guaranteed throttling.

    So, do they enjoy the whole experience, do any of your friends request that you do not include them on your blog? You may very well have a variety of friends that do make this request, and consequently, we do not see photos of them. But i have wondered this for quite some time, so i figured i would ask, because again, its a free country. And one last item, does your boyfriend receive endless abuse for being included in this blog? I am happy for you that i guess he himself doesnt care, but i cant imagine that as a guy he doesnt take at least some abuse from his friends/colleagues for his inclusion (especially the posed photos).

    And again, as you have said many times, its your life/blog, you can do what you want, and i respect that, but i had to ask.


  27. Desire by NARS is the best, been using it for years. Don't let the bright pink scare you, it looks fabulous on! I'll have to try Laguna Beach – I've been using Hoola by Benefit for ages and am ready for something new!

  28. Hi Stephanie…I love the scarf idea but how do you take care of your scarves…do you dry clean them after wearing them? Or do you find special mixed blend scarves that you can wash and wear. I was always told to try not to dry clean scarves, the nicer designer scarves too much but to just put them over sweaters and outfits so they don't absorb body oil or perspiration directly. I think you look fantastic in the scarves though…very bohemian preppy…reminds me of the look I tried to achieve in grad school.


  29. Scarves worn as shirts are hawt! It looks good on you and anyway, men don't like you looking ubber sexy once you live with them. It's just a fact. Plus, come on Stephanie, never change the way you dress to please a man. Compromise on some things but never compromise on the stuff that makes you… you.

  30. Hey Stephanie — as a former fattie who is now passing for thin, I think I'm ready to do the scarf thing. Here in Las Vegas, I can probably wear them all year! What size scarves work best for you?

    You may be starting a trend…may I make a suggestion? Why don't you have your readers email pictures of themselves to you wearing the Stephanie Klein Scarf Top and you can post them in a photo gallery on your site? It would be fun to see how many people participate in the project and good to see what the other posters look like. What say ye, Miss Steph?

  31. Where in NY do you get your threading done? My skin is so sensitive, when I get my eyebrows waxed it's a total bumpy mess so I have let my eyebrows go. Have heard threading might be better. Thanks

    You really must not understand the whole idea of "blogging". Welcome to 2006, hun.

  33. I loved this post especially! My favorite place is Sephora, love to linger over the lip colors and try on perfumes with my seven-year-old niece, who digs their little girl cosmetics. I'm also a big fan of Stila eyeshadows, because their colors are luminous – but I'll take samples of just about anything for the hell of it.
    Now I have 2 questions:
    What is eyebrow threading? It sounds distinctly painful.
    Can you recommend any good eye cream?

  34. I'm sorry to say it, but I agree with one of the earlier comments that you should lay off the bronzer a bit. You look much prettier when you are more natural. I can't believe how superficial I am to even write this, but I guess you've invited this sort of gentle (and hopefully constructive) criticism.

  35. I just need to hop on the product bandwagon here…Kiehls Superbly Efficient Anti-Perspirant Deodorant and Cream is the best thing ever invneted. As it is a cream, it rubs right in, with no messy white crap that gets all over clothing. It has no weird deodorant overpowering smell, like so many of them have and the best part is…really really keeps you dry. Nary a sweat ring or even a droplet since I started using this last march!

  36. Interesting what you say about "changing" wardrobe styles to compromise with what the other likes or dislikes. My mantra is usually "Please…keep the change." But, even I know that some compromise is necessary. Have fun figuring out the likes and dislikes. Sometimes even this can be fun.

  37. A S PART of my compulsive late-night television viewing ­ the more low-brow, the better ­ I have watched endless repeats of a show called Mind of the Married Man. No, this doesn't plump any great psychological depths, but basically tells the story of a bunch of jour nalists who are in the process of cheating on their wives ­ or would very much like to. It's not that they don't love the good women ­ by God, they do! ­ but it's just that one gets tired of cheese and macaroni (not to mention sensible underwear) every night. Just on occasion, it feels good to dip into a forbidden can of caviar or gorge on foie gras. And feasting on frankly indecent lingerie has a frisson of its own.
    But amidst all this adultery and occasional angst, one particular scene has stuck with me. The friends are playing pool at a bar when a drop-dead gorgeous, supermodel-type woman walks in. After everybody has lifted their jaws off the floor, one of the men grunts, "Let me tell you something. I bet that no matter how hot she looks to us, there is a man somewhere who is tired of f…ing her." Much laughter all around, until it turns out that she is the wife of one of their colleagues, and he still finds her very hot, thank you very much (well, give it time…).

    So much for the minds of married men. But I have to say, with some degree of shame, that this particular throwaway line keeps popping up in my head. And there is a good reason for that. Look around you. No matter how hot a woman may look to you and me, there is no denying that there is a man somewhere who is tired of f….ing her.

    At least, if it was just down to ordinary folk, you could under stand. After all, no matter how attractive and sexy a woman may be in the first flush of youth, a couple of kids, the demands of domesticity and inevitable pull of gravity does take its toll on her appearance. And if, as psychologists would have us believe, the first flush of romantic love (or lust, call it what you will) only lasts for a year or so, then it becomes easy to understand ­ if not, forgive ­ the strayings of our men folk. No matter how much they love their wives /girlfriends, the appeal of fresh meat is hard to resist ­ in fact, it is well nigh impossible for some men.

    So, while women may bemoan their lot, go on starvation diets, indulge in a bit of plastic surgery, and even agree to some of the more bizarre sexual practices (and believe me, threesomes are the least of it), to lure their straying menfolk back, in their hearts they know it is a losing battle.

    You may well get new boobs (or lift your existing ones) and fresh highlights to present yourself to the man in your life in the guise of a brand new woman. But no matter how hard you try and how good you look, there's no winning this bout, baby. He's been there, done that and frankly he'd rather move on than move backwards.

    To give credit where it is due, most women understand that. And they are willing to trade in that first flush of sexual excitement for the familiarity and comfort that a long-term relationship brings with it. Okay, so their men may stray occasionally, but which man doesn't, goes the argument (even if it isn't always articulated in these terms).

    But what I find harder to understand is why Goddesses have to cope with the same travails as ordinary women folk. I mean, seriously, if you were married to Halle Berry (you wish!) why would you cheat on her on a regular basis as her former husband did ­ and spare me all that bullshit about `sex addiction'. If you were Uma Thurman's husband, would you sneak off behind her back and play nooky with a nurse (okay, among showbiz folk, the rule is that it doesn't count on location, but even so).

    And if you were engaged to the fragrant Sienna Miller, would you get all hot and heavy with the help on the grounds that your fiancée wasn't around to fulfill your needs?

    This kind of behaviour may seem bizarre to women but for men, whether they are married to Jennifer Aniston or the girl next door ­ or is that the same thing? ­ this is pretty much par for the course. Confront them with it and the standard response is, "Oh, but darling, it didn't mean anything. It was just sex."

    And then, they can't figure out why the women in question are cutting their trousers off at the crotch. Perhaps, it would help if the women responded, "Oh, but darling, it didn't mean anything. It was just revenge."

  38. OK Ritu, that was a long-ass comment. I can't say enough for being a lesbian …. it's great! You should try it. You won't have all those pesky man-problems to deal with.


  39. I am having the hardest time trying to follow your directions on how to wear a scarf. This is extremely frustrating considering the only way I know how to do it is by folding it in half to form a triangle and tying the two ends at the back…

  40. And to think that just one year ago you tried to pawn yourself off as being so over your JAPpiness! Girl, as this post demonstrated, you're about as JAPpy as they come!!! If you doubt me, read your own posting on being a JAP from November '04.

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