Tonight began at the outdoor garden at Miracle Grill where I consumed two mango margaritas in record time.  As soon as the waiter mentions “fresh puree,” I know I’ll need two.  Then, I moved onto the talapia tacos.  From the alfresco dining, I moved on to then ingest way more food than could actually fit in my strapless corset thanks to the tasting menu at Jack’s Luxury Oyster bar.  In a phrase: it was an Amy Mann song… something to be savored.  Is there really anything better than food and wine tastings?  God, it takes so little to please me… I don’t care what you’ve read.  The way to my heart is through my stomach and a chick flick.

Questions I answered today:
How would you describe dating in New York City if you could only use 3 words?
How would you describe yourself using only three words?
When did your parents get divorced and who did you side with?
Are you really on isight?
Do you think you’re brave?
Were you walking uptown today wearing a green sweater?
Have you ever been to New Orleans?
Would you prefer the corn soup or foie gras?
Are you closer to your mother or father?
What is your relationship with your sister like?
Where do you want to visit next?



  1. Please tell me you took the foie gras? I mean, you were totally getting your fruit/vegetable intake with the mangos…

    RE: your last post, I love music for the lyrics too. Aimee Mann? Love. And are her words not the best part?

  2. 1) shallow, lukewarm, generous
    2) witty, honest, leo
    3) 2000, mother
    4) not yet
    5) yes but with a little bit of whining
    6) I wore a green cardigan
    7) nope
    8) foie gras, definetely
    9) to my mother
    10) ok but she's my step sister
    11) NYC

  3. Foie gras takes a back seat to the corn soup 9 out of 10 times in my car. Just don't leave it in there on a hot day, it'll stink up the whole damn thing!

  4. I've never understood the whole "Describe XXXXX in 3 words". Whats wrong with just describing it??

  5. The only reason im bothering answering these questions is because im utterly bored and waiting for lunch. I know you all probably don't care. Stephanie on the other hand….where are your answers?

    1. Sucks, superficial, exciting
    2. nice, smart, lazy
    3. 1995, mother
    4. no.
    5. dont know
    6. no.
    7. no
    8. considering i dont know what foie gras is, i'd take the soup.
    9. Father.
    10. wish i had one..
    11. Aruba..and im going.

  6. 1. Hurried. Vapid. Worthless.
    2. Reliable. Driven. Resourceful.
    3. Well…they divorced when I was about 2…so I guess I sided with my mom because she was the one who fed me. Now that I'm a grownup, I think they were both idiots during that time of their lives.
    4. On what?
    5. Sure…when it comes to certain stuff.
    6. No. I don't think I even own a green sweater..but I should.
    7. No. But it seems strange that someone like me has never been to a place where you can walk down the street with a drink in your hand.
    8. Foie gras, of course. (It's really hard to imitate a haughty french laugh in type.)
    9. Hahaha…the ultimate question…considering that my mother is dead. I'd say that I WAS closer to her…but now I'm closer to my dad by default.
    10. Ain't got one.
    11. Greece or Germany.

  7. 1. obnoxious (from an outsider's pov)

    2. Sassy, introspective, sarcastic

    3. 1st grade, Daddy (of course)

    4. Huh?

    5. Yes.

    6. Nope

    7. Laissez les bon temp rouler! Oui.

    8. Corn soup, foie gras is too rich – gives me the gout.

    9. father, see question #3

    10. Close, even though we are polar opposites

    11. Italy lake cuomo, amalfi coast

  8. I had tortelini in gorganzola rosemary sause. If you like cheese and pasta. It was excellent. Quite heavy though.

  9. 1. can't answer, but i bet its better then Boston
    2. cautious, excitable, hungry
    3. when i was 6 months, and i sided with my mother when i met her after i turned 18
    4. am i the only camera whore?! yes. (yes, i'm on isight, no, i'm not the ONLY whore)
    5. people think i am, but i'm not
    6. i would NEVER!
    7. No, but plan to for the Halloween Party
    8. faux grass?
    9. Mum
    10. I'm the only 'sister' in the fam
    11. Is it sad that i don't know?


    1) Oye 2)Mc 3) Vey. Footnote: See "Kansas City Bomber." OK, not a Chick Flick but scores high on the Kitsch Meter.

    (painfully) Honest, (frequently) Insecure, (utterly) Dependable. Enigmatic? Nah, just a New Yorker. Take a number, get in line…

    My Parents were married 56 years. Never divorced. They were inseperable and deeply committed to each other. My Mom passed away 6 weeks after my Dad died. In the era of the Disfunctinal Family, I have No excuses… This was extremely inconsiderate of them.

    Isight, no, never. Insight, rarely.

    I don't think so. But then, when pushed too far, I snap. I beat the crap out of the 7th Grade Bully once. And then there's the time I ran into an armed robber stealing my car. I broke his jaw with a straight claw hammer. Telling that story got me out of Jury Duty 3 times.

    I don't own a Green Sweater. Oye McVey! (See Question #1.)

    Yes, 3 times. But I strongly recommend going Off-Season. Once I went the day after Marti Gras, and Bourbon Street was ankle deep in broken glass and vommit…

    I fucking hate Foie Gras. OK, be a snob and pretend to love it. Sweet Baby Jesus, it's a Goose Sphincter! I'm not that crazy about Corn Soup, but I'd take that or a damn Rutt's Hut Hot Dog over a fatty fowl's rectum. Sue me!

    My Mom. Strangely, I have much more insight regarding my Dad since his passing. Paging Dr. Freud…

    Sorry, no sister. Just me. Paging Dr. Jung…

    Australia. Not exactly sure what's down there, but I never met a single Aussie I didn't like. Must be worth a peek.

    OK, SK, I posted. Your turn. I think we'd all like to know your answers. G'head Red.

  11. Sounds like your night is off to a good start.

    1. I have no idea. I live in small town Saskatchewan.
    2. Friendly, smart, thoughtful.
    3. They divorced when I was 3 and I haven't spoken to my bio-dad since. He was replaced by my dad, who I love very much.
    4. What the hell is isight?
    5.Yes, I think I am. I have done a lot of things which I consider brave – maybe not physically, but emotionally. I am emotionally brave.
    6. No. I was biking downtown wearing a pink shirt.
    7. No, but I would love to.
    8. Corn soup.
    9. My mother.
    10. I have fairly good relationships with both of my sisters, which I am incredibly thankful for.
    11. New York.

    Now lets see what you said.

  12. Questions I answered today

    Do we need to answer the same?

    Personally, I asked questions about toilet paper and I drove 5 miles to the store.

    The whole way, my biggest complaint was not

  13. 1. Too Much Fun
    2. Fun, Smart, Exciting
    3. ??, Mom
    4. ??
    5. Brave enough
    6. The green sweater doesn't fit anymore, and it's out of season.
    7. Physically no, mentally yes
    8. Foie gras, but not everyday
    9. Mom
    10. Distant
    11. A small town with country appeal

  14. i have a another question to add (based on your last post):

    how do you need to lose weight and hit the gym yet look fat in nothing? it could be the foundation for a whole new diet program.

  15. Thanks Westside B. – for a minute there I thought I was the odd man out. My parents have been married for 42 years. And I, too, fucking hate Foie Gras.

    And New Orleans is not only "a place where you can walk down the street with a drink in your hand," but piss in the street as well.

  16. Actually, New Orleans is the one place where you do NOT want to piss in the street. There are two basic things you should never do in New Orleans: (1) piss in the street; and (2) talk back to a cop. They are very tolerant down there about virtually everything (and they've seen virtually everything), but those two are definate no-no's. Just a word to the wise.

  17. Fielding M – you're right, definitely would not recommend doing it. But I have seen people do it and get away with it. Nasty!

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