what I didn’t send

until too late.  Okay, it’s never too late, but I certainly learned my lesson.  I was away in L.A., and then I was sick.  The first thing I did when I awoke on Mother’s Day was phone Mom.  It was 2pm, though, when I awoke.  She’d already left, to go cry in a park somewhere because her daughter didn’t send a card or call.  But I really was planning on it; I’m just lazy.  I don’t send cards to anyone.  I made my mother cry on Mother’s Day, again.  “You don’t respect me or love me.  All those years alone in a park, crying, and nothing has changed.”  She didn’t want to hear my excuses or my apologies; she wanted to feel sorry for herself.  I knew it would pass; I knew it was wrong of me, but she didn’t want to hear it.  She wanted to be mad.  I understand that feeling.

I sent her a lovely cake and flowers in a designer box (I spent 20 minutes deciding on the fabric), from Nonnie Waller’s, two days too late.  Late is better than never.  Next year, she’s getting her goods early.  I never want anyone to mistake my sloth for lack of love, again.

last year, all she got was a post.  I must have woken up earlier last year.

For your viewing pleasure of all things materialistic and lovely, other things I would have liked to have sent include (and no, I don’t get paid for any of this–sheesh!):

Col_e_2606_2Studded Zippered Pouchette… but really, she’d say, “Oh, that’s fun” and never use it.  “It’s too young for me.  It’s good for you girls, not me.”

E_7k35335_1Multi Charm Coral Necklace: this is so rockstar for summer.  It’s ghetto summer.  I love it, and I think she’d wear it ’cause anything goes in Florida… especially anything that looks like it came from the ocean, even if it didn’t.



  1. Justin, do you just lay in the fuckin weeds waiting to bite with your plaqued out fangs, or what? Why don't you fuckin get a fuckin life mother fucker.

  2. That necklace creeps me out for some reason. The farthest charm on the right looks like a foot. So you have some stuff that looks like coral, and maybe some teeth and such on the necklace and a foot. For some reason, associating a small child-like foot with items found under the sea…. Yeah, creepy.

    It also looks like plastic. That's probably the picture though.

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