you gotta have hart

Man I gotta get out of this town
Yeah now I gotta get back on that train
Man I gotta get out of this town
I’m outta my pain
So I’m goin’ back to L.A.

Beth Hart said it, but I’m feelin’ it.  Hard. 

No need to fret, I’ll be posting all of the LA nonsense all over this silly bit of a blog.  I’ll just be doing it poolside, from a reserved cabana, while absurdly intoxicated.  Because really, does it get any better than my drunken emails, drunken posts, and drunken rules for both?  Don’t answer that.

I leave you with a recent conversation I had at the boat basin…
Captain Jack: Cheer up Klein. Lemme buy you another drink.
Stephanie: What’s the point? It will only hydrate me, which means more snot.
Eeyore: Any other bodily fluids you’d like to mention tonight? Pop any zits today worth mentioning?
Stephanie: No. We already covered my crying. I’m too depressed to masturbtae.
Captain Jack: I’m depressed too, but I’ll give you one guess if I masturbtaed today.

(insert unbridled laughter from the mouths of babes here)

Stephanie: That’s fine boys. Kick me in the vagina while I’m down.
Eeyore: She just said vagina again. Who wants another drink? I’m buyin’



  1. Hahahaha, this convinces me more than ever that drunkenness is only fun when it's someone else. :-D

  2. Ahh, what chutzpah you possess, to adapt for your own the phrase "kick a vagina while it's down". I am loving your work oh Great Red One.

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