cookie monster, pooh, and friends

I never eat steak.  Last night, at Raoul’s, I broke through never with a steak knife.  I didn’t just eat a steak; I ordered and slaughtered it, along with two orders of fries with mayonnaise, as promised.  It’s what I needed.  The 2000 bottle of Nickel & Nickel’s Tench Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon was a very luscious bonus.  Just before leaving, the waitress handed me a glassine envelope, filled with petite cookies, sealed with a sticker.  Ah, the power of the goodie bag… takes me back to Bar Mitzvahs.  Speaking of Mitzvahs…

Last week I accompanied an ex-but-he’s-just-a-friend—we’ll call him Eeyore—to his company dinner at Cipriani’s.  While there, I dazzled the partners of the firm with my eyelashes, witty banter, and useful food trivia (When do you use a serrated knife?  What’s the difference between a fruit and a vegetable?  Grapeseed oil is practically flavorless and has a higher burning point!  I know, well they asked!).  Personally, I was dazzled by the wine.  “You must remember who makes this and email me the name in the morning,” I commanded in a whisper to Eeyore.  His blue eyes looked like sea glass and made me thirsty for affection.  I knew it was time to leave.

Eeyore phoned to thank me this morning.  “No one can stop speaking about you.  And no one can believe you’re with me."

"I’m not with you."

"Yeah, but they don’t know that.  Damn, I bet they’ll even give me a bigger bonus."

"All the more to buy me things with."

"You know, Stephanie, you really are wonderful.”  This is Eeyore’s favorite phrase; he says it as often as “you might as well make it a double.”  I love him, despite the fact that his letting me go was “a jackass move”—his second favorite phrase.

“Thanks Dear.  Did you find out the name of the wine we were drinking?” 

“Uh, no.  But I will; I promise.”  Eeyore is good with promises as long as he remembers making them.

When I arrived home tonight, my doorman made the face.  The face they make when you’ve got something unexpected, like flowers, a legendary little handbag from an au courant friend, or a case of wine!   

Eeyore outdid himself… and then some.  The card was not, in fact, from Eeyore but from Roo, a prospective suitor.  "Just because I wasn’t with you, doesn’t mean I couldn’t bring it to you."  Turns out, after I raved to Roo about the wine I shared with “a friend over his company dinner,” he phoned the restaurant, got the name of the wine “the redheaded lady was enjoying last night.”  Then he phoned several distributors, and voila!  Door to door alcohol damage in a day.   I love New York and resourceful men. 


  1. In previous posts, you've written about how you don't like oaky white wine. I was therefore surprised that you enjoyed an oaky red wine. I would peg you more as a Syrah girl – bold, spicy, sometimes redolent of a garden of violets. Nickel and Nickel? Feh. A class guy would have poured you Cote Rotie. All the more so at a French place.

  2. Why oh why do you live this fabuously huge life? When I see you dancing at galas, taking pictures of amazing food and being so terribly complicated and interesting… *sigh* it really makes me wish I had red curly hair and a fierce smile. damn you steph, damn you.

    i think the best thing is how blog friendly your life and everyone around you is. none of my friends blog. i'm pretty sure the only person who reads mine is my mother, my sister and my ex-boyfriend.

  3. Wine guy-Roo ROCKS, no matter when it happened. That wasn't a power move; that was a Master move!

  4. OK. Didn't wanna say anything. Now I'm gonna look like a copycat. But I'm writing a song about you. Truth. I"m purposefully not reading the post or listening to the song. The band is called Spiral Tide. They're out of Boston and not at all known yet. I'm writing the lyrics to their music. It may be my new career. Stay tuned. Props to Resourceful NY Boy. Gotta love those resourceful men.

  5. This is literally the most obnoxious thing I've ever read. But, at least it isn't more of your "self disclosure" where you use a lot of words to say very little.

  6. Oh it all sounds like such a blast! You do know how to have a good time, Stephanie.

  7. Okay, it was a half case, 6 bottles. Half case doesn't really roll off the tongue. I still have one bottle left… I'm keeping it for a special occassion.

  8. Not that I'm compalining … but you missed an "E". The spelling is Eeyore, assuming you are referring to one of the greatest fictional characters ever … or the gloomy side of Christopher Robbin.

  9. I like the codenames [roo and eyore] better than just the first letter of their names [L and R]. It is easier to keep track of them. Was it really a case of wine?

  10. This is Eeyore’s favorite phrase; he says it as often as “you might as well make it a double.”

    I loved that line.

  11. So was the wine at the company dinner nickel and nickel as well?
    Otherwise, you're really leaving us hanging…
    What was it?

  12. Ahhh. Way to woo Roo!

    (say that 3 times after drinking a glass or two of that cabernet) I betcha a bottle that you can't?

  13. I only dated Stephanie a couple of times in New York while I was there – but as you probably all know she's a tough cookie to get out of your head. This move was classy, and there are few women that would appreciate the "move" other than thinking it was a way to get into a womans pants! Roo rocks! I wish, oh how I wish I would have done more….

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