rainy days

Rainy days are for yellow raincoats, ducky shoes, and clear umbrellas with ladybug dots.  They’re for crazy straws in chocolate milk, grilled cheese triangles dipped into a pool of tomato soup.  Card games.  Jacks.  Watching The Goonies.  Smocks and easels with finger painting.  Snack time.  Amelia Bedelia story time with a magic lantern in the library.   

Back in kindergarten, I wore plastic baggies over my socks, so slipping my feet into and out of the rain booties came with ease.  Now, my jeans are too long for booties, so I’m forced to either roll the bottoms with appropriate shoes, feeling ugly indoors, or I can barefoot brave it in five inch Choos—they don’t exactly go with socks—and True Religion Jeans because I have an event to photograph tonight. Every time I try the whole rolling of the jeans thing, I get caught unrolling them at the office. 

“Nice thong.” 

Someone’s still in Kindergarten… pass the crayons.



  1. hahaha.

    Thanks for the rainy day memories…all very true and I'm suddenly plunged back into my childhood. Especially "The Goonies." Damn, that movie rocks.

  2. mmmm….reminds me of my favorite annual new spring buy…a bright raincoat with matching hat; getting wellies too this year! Pink was SO '04, Apple Green '05 here I come!

  3. I don't know why women think that showing off their thong is so "unclassy". Guys love it…as long as it's not their girlfriend's thong that is hanging out…

  4. ….ummmmm…thanks for the childhood memories…made me recall the time, when I was 5 or 6, got new red rubber boots and insisted on wearing them to bed!…now, I just wear the new shoes leaving the store…with the old ones tucked away in the bag!…

  5. Whatevs. Bending over in hott jeans were what nice thongs were made for.

  6. I topped off my gas tank the other day just to watch a woman fill her car with petrol because she had a visible thong. Sigh. Thongs rock and so does a rainy day. Go into multiple days though and we have an EFFEN film noir moment.

  7. I'll admit that I would like to work in your office during those moments (pass milk and oreos, please), but you can solve your problem by tucking your jeans into slouch boots.

    Good luck on tonight's photoshoot.


  8. And isn't there just something about the newspaper on a rainy day, when the fibers of the newsprint rise to meet you, and you trace the raindrops through the first, third, fifth (and likewise the last, second to last, and so on) pages to gauge how heavy the rain was. Doppler's got nothing on the Daily News.

  9. And if an attractive coworker notices the thong, is it still Kindergarten? Absolutely no good vibe or ego boost shoots through you?

  10. Steph, you are the mothereff'n SHIT, lol. And a natural redhead to boot!

    oh BAYBEE!!

    Lemme know if I can link to ya, you hot,spankable,red-on-the-head you!!!

    I got all kiinds of questions about photo'ing, so respond "only if ye be stout of heart and strong of character, Arrrrrr…" lol.

  11. Let us not forget, though, that thongs are a privilege, not a right.

  12. It's raining now here in Porto Alegre, south of Brazil… your post bring me tokens of myself.

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