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  1. Thanks for the warning. I just got my copy the other day and was saving it for a good night in…tonight. Guess that is not going to happen. Back to the bottle and Mr.Darcy.

  2. Burn those f-ing pink hearts! I hate Valentine's Day. Instead I choose to associate it w/Capone's famous massacre of those unlucky 7 in the Cartage Co. garage.

    Down with Love!

  3. I absolutely hate Valentine's Day. The pink everything and the sappy-ness of it all makes me violently ill. I have already forewarned any men that believe we are "dating". I couldn't tell if they were in shock or just relieved. haha

    Here's to an Anti-Valentine's Day!

  4. Finally! A girl that doesn't like that awful color. Pink. *shudders*
    I'll take the chocolate candy though. I can never turn down chocolate.

    BTW, GFF mentioned your blog so I thought I'd check ya out. Me likes. ;)

  5. call me crazy, i love valentine's day…i love love, love all the silly hearts, love the chocolate (but don't eat it …always on a diet).
    and this is coming from someone who's husband cheated, lied, left her alone w/ a 16 mo. old baby boy.
    i'm so grateful that i can still smile.
    i love your blog, too, stephanie. it's good to be true to yourself.

  6. The thing that annoyned me this year was that the DAY AFTER new years…JANUARY 2nd!!….Rite Aid had v-day decorations up and 2 ailes dedicated to candy and chocolate. I just hate how its always a rush to the next holiday. They cant wait to shove that stuff down your throat.

  7. He's just jealous someone else thought of it before he did. Otherwise, he would be sending the cookies and cds.

  8. Valentine's Day displays of affection only suck if they're the only displays of affection you get. Getting flowers on Valentine's day is only cheesy if you don't get flowers all the time anyway. There's nothing worse than a single red rose on Valentine's day (surrounded by baby's breath) when it's the ONLY bud you see all year. I LOVE Valentine's Day – the fact that it's a day especially dedicated to everything pink and flowery and chocolatey and romantic is fantastic. Unless, of course, you're with the guy who sees Valentine's Day as the ONLY day that type of stuff is "required". In my experience, people that hate Valentine's Day are either single (and I despised it when I was single) or (and I've been there, too)are women in a relationship with a guy who consistently drops the romantic ball. Not that there's anything romantic about balls. I digress. SK is, however, totally right about those vile coupons. They're worse than the Valentine cards with the writing already in them. Those (like any supposedly romantic greeting card with the writing already in it) are deal-breakers. SK – is there a more handy term for "greeting cards with the writing already in them"? I've been skulking around here for about a month but this is my first comment. Your writing is compelling. Thanks for letting it all hang out.

  9. Robo, naah man. Been there done that long ago. Long before it was even in vogue. There ain't no way in hell she'll EVER guess! I love it. I'm bettin' your $10 bux she will too!

    Anyone else for cookies and CDs? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Frye?

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