I wish McDangerous–which happens to be very close to my apartment, and hence, journey home–was honest.  Sure, 99 cent items are appealing, and after tax, they are more than a dollar, but fine.  That’s not dishonest, per se, but they could stand to be more candid.  Instead of $0.99 six piece nugget, I’d prefer… “Gain a dress size tomorrow.”  Granted, it’s winter.  I don’t wear dresses.  So it’s not exactly top of mind.  Want to be really honest? Market “$0.99 six piece nugget, but you’re giving up a chance at a nob-bob” to your male target audience. Okay, now that is advertising.  I know what I’m in for.  Granted, I’m not looking for oral stimulation, but I get the gist.  To the female audience, market “$0.99 six piece nugget, but the guy will ask your friend out instead.”   Hell, that already happens, so I might as well eat.  Perfect… or, SOLD!, as it were.  Welcome to my world.  McDangerous… a new best friend… even if they lie.



  1. If you haven't already, I highly recommend watching the documentary called Super Size It. That will make you think twice before eating fast food, and it is funny and enjoyable to watch, I thought.

  2. Okay… love your blog, but you hit a weird pet peeve of mine- spelling inconsistency. Is it "blowjob" or "blow job"? You've used it both ways. Keep up the great work!

  3. As long as a guy is getting it, and once the blowjob has begun, he is not giving a thought in the world to your dress size–and you and I both know that. But it is the winning them over, the charm, wit, and "devil may care" that we put on (along with our dress sizes) before it actually comes down to it that is the hard part. Oh, and yes, McDangerous is just that-lethal. If not for our bodies, for our minds. For what it makes us obsess over as we ingest the heavenly, salt-laced and fat-injected french fries. Consume with caution not only for your figure but also (and most importantly) for your sanity.

  4. Considering most of McDonalds advertising is aimed at ten year olds, I don't think they're going to be using the "blowjob" campaign.

  5. I'm hooked on the McChicken (no lettuce, don't even fool yourself with something that could be mistaken for a fraction of health)….it's like adding mayo and carbs to your nuggets. lol

    Enjoying the blog….oh and Starbucks? Don't EVEN try the new Chantico…..6 oz – 390 calories and 21 grams of fat!! OMG!! Talk about terrorism…

  6. I was going to recommend Supersize Me, but then someone beat me to it. I knew it would be an interesting movie, but I had no idea how shocking it would be to see how much fat & sugar and waste came from McD's. I don't eat there, haven't in years. And I totally agree with you about the "real" cost of the cheap food.

    In Neil Gaiman/Terry Pratchett's funny book Good Omens, there's this scene where Famine, in his job as one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, is proud of the creation of a fast food meal that has nothing at all nutritional in it, but tons of calories. You could, in the book's world, eat the meal all the time and slowly starve to death while consuming tons of calories. I always think of this scene when I think of most fast food. (And I also agree with Hugo on the Wendy's chilli– it's pretty darn good, and good with a salad so you can relieve a little of that "pressure" from the beans with some roughage & veggies.) When forced to eat fast food, it's Wendy's or Quizno's I try to do. Or Subway. :)

  7. I live on the Broadway…in Chicago. at least 20 resturants within two blocks. If I could get to CVS without getting ice cream and burrito, it would be a huge moral victory.

  8. I don't think it's so much THAT ONE NUGGET that banishes your sweet size 8 as the nuggets that follow.
    I'm hungry.

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