I’ve been a busy girl, stressed, and busy.  But the results of my efforts are delish… Case and point:    Oh that’s what you do for a living.  Yes. I design web sites, and that’s what that site is about… my work.   Sometimes, I’m featured on them too… Taxing Behavior is featured in Trampoline House this month. Click WORDS to read what you’ve probably already read here once upon a time.



  1. yup, killer site. i dug the pictures from Italy–made me want to leave everything behind and just go and never come back.

  2. Great photo with the laundry hanging out. So fitting for that webpage and the quote you used below:

    "I'm honest, not brutal. I let the folds ripple over, and the last thing I fear is "what if." You can't write worrying about who will read it. I was put on this earth to make a difference."

    This fits for your two other posts, which seem to have people all worked up for no reason. I have refrained from commenting there because it is getting a bit ridiculous. Here is my opinion…if you don't like it, then don't read it. If you disagree with it, so be it and comment…but keep the comments respectful without any name calling or personal attacks.

  3. Impressive and congratulations! This will show your critics who don't seem to appreciate that you are a continually evolving person of substance.

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