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I’ve been canceling plans left and right.  Despite my claims of “I don’t watch TV,” I’ve opted to circle home to Linus for an evening of stacked Gilmore Girls episodes via Tivo.  I’m stressed and need time off to clean my apartment and negotiate my expansive to-do list.  But tonight, I’ve got a black tie dinner event over La Bohéme at the Metropolitan, and tomorrow dinner at Bivio for Smelly’s birthday.  Saturday I’m running through errands for Saturday night, deciding what to wear, hair and nails get “done.” 

GrilledcheesevirginLately I don’t know what’s real.  I’ve been dreaming, and upon awaking, I don’t know if I dreamed it or if it happened.  On point, I had a dream, or saw a commercial before I fell asleep, that there’s a mucus pill you can take which breaks up your mucus so coughs are more productive.  I have a dry cough lately… the pill would be a dream.  I dreamt God was communicating through a grilled cheese sandwich.  Some people pick chicken soup or Middle Eastern food as their ultimate comfort foods.  God and I pick grilled cheese.  God’s was imprinted with The Virgin Mary and being auctioned on eBay.  But I might have heard that on the radio as my alarm sounded.  Tonight, over La Bohéme, at least the coughing is mandatory.  Still, I hope the magical mucus pill exists.

In a cab on my way to work this morning, I found love.  Not the kind where he helps you out of a cab and you just know—the pamphlet kind.  Two golden hearts with "Love Is…" on the cover caught my eye.  It was like being at a bad wedding in a yellow cab because it began with Corinthians 13.4-8a and rounded out with Romans 12.9-18.  God is communicating through taxicabs and sandwiches.  Maybe it’s time to go on a diet and take the subway again.



  1. I heard about the "Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese" a couple of days ago- can you believe someone would save a sandwich for 10 years just to end up auctioning it off on eBay?

    You should see some of the spoofs on eBay now (I'm not a n eBay-er, but I did try to find the grilled cheese and found some parodies instead). Funny stuff.

  2. Try grilled cheese dipped in ketchup. Wow! Now that's comfort.

    You think G-d watches the food network? Whaddya think is really in Emeril's essence? Bam = G-d!

  3. i was SO pissed – i promised myself i couldn't bid on a grilled cheese sandwich for more than $68,000 – can't believe i lost!

  4. The other night I dreamt I was buying bras and the sales lady had me hold water balloons to determine the size of my breast.

    Enjoy your time with Linus!

  5. I saw this post on someone else's site, too and I posed the question that perhaps it isn't the toast at all that is "devine" but rather the TOASTER that MADE this toast. I bet she never thought of that. ;-)

  6. The mucus pill is called Mucinex. It's time-released guaifenesin (the same stuff as in Robitussin). You can get it over-the-counter.

    As for the rest of your dreams, I've never been partial to the kind of love that sticks to the floors of taxicabs, but I'm pretty sure you can find God in a good grilled-cheese sandwich.

  7. Grilled Cheese sandwiches are GOD! That heavenly, gooey, toasted goodness accompanied by a nice, hot bowl of Campbell's Tomato soup makes you wanna jump up and slap your mamma!

    Dip if you must, but enjoy!

    Forgive the outburst, I'm on 30 minutes of sleep. I'm signing off and going nite nite.

  8. you are so inspiring….it upsets me when i wake up in the morning and there are no new posts…..
    please write ASAP

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