it’s all good

For the love of God people, it’s all good.  See, look at the three of us together.  There’s me with Heather and Ben at my birthday party… both were invited guests.  Let’s be happy, not hateful.

Go Fish!



  1. You know, I was reading the article and wondering if the photographer was you. Suspicions confirmed. Good to see it's all cool now.

  2. Wow. What a neat article. I have enjoyed reading This Fish as a result of your blog, and I did notice the Ben commonality, but didn't think much of it. The only piece of the puzzle missing (at least I don't see it)is how you caught onto her blog.

  3. One story.
    Three blogs.
    Now THAT'S what I call triangulation!

    A Fish… A Greek… and A musician…
    You've gotta admit, it sounds like the beginning of a "walked into a bar" joke. You sure y'all aren't just out trying to prop up the Blog industry???

    Great stuff, that. More power to you!

  4. Lets assume that photo was taken today..I can only imagine what each must be thinking to themselves…

    Stephanie.. (I can't believe this bitch is trying to get over on MY musician..I mean puh-leeze…I'M STEPHANIE KLEIN and he's go chase yourself honey)

    Heather..(can this little red head really think that gentle Ben could possibly have interest in her. What has SHE been drinking tonight?)

    Musician Man..(do you think they'll get pissed if i request a 3-some?

  5. Ha! That's great! I've read and enjoyed both your blogs on and off for a bit now. Both brilliant work. Lovely photography too Ms. K.

  6. Yeah, she looks REALLY happy! I've been that guy before, and no matter what she says, it's not 100% cool with her. So glad I am past that now!

  7. I am now inspired to make my own blog. Any ideas on where to start? I could offer some interesting insights from Montana.

  8. Stephanie is demonstrating a poignant lesson in class by sharing her benevolent sentiments towards Heather & Ben. She reminds me of a woman who told a fellow that if they were ever to break up she whould help him find another girlfriend. They are still close friends (he's meeting her for dinner on Friday)–but not lovers–despite separating years ago; and if I recall correctly he had the good sense to grieve at the separation rather than have her help him establish a rebound relationship. Class is an attribute worthy of cultivation especially in harsh environments where the slightest indication of its presence makes it stand out vividly and command attention and respect.

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