1. whiskey is totally good warm. soco and diet dr. pepper – warmer the better. or jim beam warm – yum.

  2. From experience: BF, b, and Robo are on the mark… Makers Mark, you could say. Think I'll have one, myself! Slainte!

  3. go riding!! nothing better than tearing down mountains all day and then getting warm with some irish whiskey (jamesons) around a nice blazing fire. no pressure, just warm toes and good times!

  4. I'm down with the Cabana style New Year's. Used to live north of Miami (Boca Raton) and always wanted to do that while there–but always chickened out. Now I'm regretting it.

  5. I agree 100% with your NY (New Year, not New York) experiences. Letdown-city. IF you come to Florida, you don’t have to be alone, necessarily. A George Costanza New Year’s where you do the opposite. Trade in your pointy black shoes for flip flops. Your long cool woman in a black dress for some cabana wear. Your pates and prime rib for stone crabs with mustard sauce. Your champagne for Caymus Conundrum. I dunno. It’s not a vacation involving water bungalows, polished wooden floors, and a four-poster bed, etc., but it does beat ‘amateur night.’ What? You wanna formal invitation?

  6. Plantation…I think this is the 15th time that you have asked Stephanie out via her blog. Come on!!!! You seem to remember everything that she does and writes…are you sure that you are not sitting outside her apt. right now?

    And for the rest of you, I really doubt that Stephanie is the bourbon type of girl. She totally does not fit that profile. If she really does drink whiskey (which is highly unlikely), it is something smooth like Johnny Walker Blue. And for those that have never had it, try it.

  7. I'm with ya on that water bungalow hot tub idea. My idea of fun. You will get there one day. It's just around the corner….I can feel it.

  8. Dear EF,

    I promised myself, if I put myself out here in public, that I would not get into any pissing contests with the viewing audience. I aim to keep that promise.

    Hmmm, how to respond? Well, let's address the facts and your points first. Number one, I haven't been keeping an official count, but if you say it's 15 I'd say it's a bit high but perhaps in the relative ballpark. Number two, yes. I really do try to remember little things Stephanie likes, dislikes, writes about because to me, it is really all about the little, simple things, and I personally think it's important to remember (wow, run-on sentence, sorry). Call it a power move or whatever, but that's just me. Number three, not so much. I really do live in Plantation, Florida.

    Now as far as my opinion goes, you seem to be looking out for Stephanie's best interests. That's cool cuz we all are, aren't we? (Well maybe not Ned). As far as me asking Stephanie out, I guess I could have gone non-public and asked her, but I decided that was sorta chicken-shit. We all REMEMBER she doesn't like chicken-shit, right? So here I am opening myself up to criticism which is cool, really. {Time out, gotta go watch Alanis Morrisette on Letterman}.

    OK. I'm back. Boy Alanis is outstanding, isn't she? So where was I? Oh, criticism. I realize on the surface my sentiments may seem pathetic and shallow to the uninformed. Even I shake my head at some of these guys asking her out. But for me, there's a bit more to it that's not on the surface, EF. I'm proud and honored to call Stephanie my friend. She's pretty damn special. My New Year's invitation is genuine, and I think she knows that. Bottom line is, I'm comfortable with my actions and comfortable with goin' for it. After all, what did Sam (Natalie Portman) say to Large at the end of the movie, Garden State? "This is it. This is life…"

  9. "Visiting family isn’t a vacation, even with the beach and hot toddies because you're not getting away from anything. It's regression.

    "I want a vacation involving over water bungalows in the Maldives or Bora Bora, with open-air fresh water showers, polished wooden floors, and a four-poster bed."

    YES! And yes!

    Stephanie the Mind Reader.

  10. NICE JOB increasing your font size.
    Not that it was a huge deal, (I stop by everyday anyway) but the extra step of increasing it myself was kind of a drag.
    Do you know what else is delicious in coffee? Harvey's Bristol Cream. It's not nearly as potent as Jamie but its sooo tasty. Try it. Then you can use the rest of the bottle for cooking. Mmmm, mushrooms sauteed in Harvey's. I'm hungry.

  11. As a Miami native, I can think of few experiences worse than New Years Eve in Miami. The attitudes, the atmosphere, the scene. Everybody trying so hard to have the best time of their life, when a random night 3 weeks back or 3 weeks in the future was/will be so much more fun.

    If you do go to Miami, skip South Beach, be original and find something interesting and unique in the Design District, Little Havana or Coral Gables.

  12. Empty Fields….JW Blue sucks! In fact, most blended scotches are awful. Try MacCallan or Laphroaig, and then we can talk. The RED DIVA herself is more than likely a "single malt" girl. She seems more pure and natural to me…..x cept for her ancestry of course which is 'a little this and a little that' (i.e. blended).

  13. If the Maldives and Bora Bora are merely vacation destinations, what is left for a honeymoon? By the way, the ~200 inhabited islands of the Maldives (out of about 1150) have a 'dress code' for women.

    How about Elat, Aqaba or Sharm El-Sheik? Y&R does business in at least one of the countries in which the aforementioned resort towns are located. Pack light. No need to bring your hoop earrings and scarf; captivating accessories and accoutrements are staggering in their variety and profusion in the quaint jewelry and fashion shops. It won't be 'common.'

  14. Weird asking people out via the blog.

    You should actually do nothing special for New Years but sit around and watch TV, drink egg nog with your family and have good times.

    I, personally, hang with my parents, brothers, and sisters, nobody else, watch the TV, and enjoy a single flute of champagne at the turn of the year. No dressing up, no shit like that, just good old fashioned fun times with the family, because unlike all of you rich folks, I don't have the money to see them, and I've only seen them once in the last year, so I try to make it as worthwhile as possible.

  15. I guess when I was young and single, I just HAD to go out on New Year's Eve. It was the right and proper thing to do because you didn't want anyone to outdo you or talk about you behind your back afterwards, and I went out regardless of whether I was dating someone or not. There was nothing like a good party to start off the new year right.

    However, now that I'm old-er and married, the only thing I look forward to is snuggling up on the couch, under the comforter with the man I live with, drinking a few shots of whatever, eating take out Thai, Indian or hors d'oeuvres (surprised that I can spell that correctly at this time of night (or morning)… I think…), watching a good movie and enjoying a few kisses.

    Life changes for some of us… and sometimes I wish I could turn back time. *L*

    I can't believe I said I'm old… ARGHHHH!


    P.S. Black label and coke on rocks is GREAT!

  16. Nice read, Stephanie… Ah, the high expectations and subsequent letdowns of New Year's Eve.

    As a professional musician, I've spent most New Year's Eves of my adult life behind a set of drums, in a room full of drunken strangers. I guess it's a small price to pay, considering I do what I love for a living, but still, I've always felt like my heart was with my friends, at the party I was missing. However, I've so often heard my friends say "NYE isn't what it used to be" and "If I were you, I'd take the double pay scale gig without a second thought".

    Well, this year, I've decided I want NYE to be "what it used to be". I've turned down a few New Years gigs and I'm heading across the pond to spend Nieuwjaar with my good friends in Den Haag (The Hague), Netherlands.

    If I'm not back by February, send a search party!

    Tot ziens,

  17. It's nice to have an exotic holiday because you can talk about it for months. Kind of like skydiving.
    The lasting conversational comfort makes the vacation a social investment.
    This year for NYE, I plan to make sure I am the one who asks "So what did you do for NYE?"
    When I've heard about how it was peaceful, or the DVD sobstory or something expensive, and the inquiry is directed to me, I will say "Nothing. Absolutely nothing" with a self-assured smile.

    I plan to delete all the Evites this year as well. Life is too short to be wasted freezing in Times Square or other less touristy stuff.

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