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It’s not the first time I was spotted in the city, but my friends were there to witness the event.  "You’re famous!" gushed from glossed lips.  Then we linked arms and cut to the front of lines at The Hudson Hotel Bar like the digiratti that we are, where I took photos and then was asked, "put it away."  Okay, so I wasn’t asked.  But then the kind sir circled back, "actually, they want you to leave."  I was tossed from The Hudson Hotel.  Am I officially a baddass now?

In the morning, I received this email from "chris m"…


"Well I’m walking down 8th Ave just a few blocks north of 42nd the old
"Deuce" where there is still a strong wiff (figuaratively speaking) of
sleaze and seediness and danger though nothing like it used to be and who
should appear to me out of this night scene?  Stephanie Klein world famous

And here I am, on my way home from four plus hours at a pub crawl.  A bit
under the influence though mindful of having to drive the last leg of my trip home not that far gone but also a bit sleepy to tell the truth.  Stephanie and her two girlfriends pass all happy and animated in conversation and I cant think of her name, I draw a blank.  So I blurt out just as they pass, "You’ve got a blog".  I then turn around to see if they stop and it seems they arent going to and I think to myself it’s not her its some women who are ignoring me thinking I blasted them with some updated version of "Hey baby". But then they do stop and turn and it is her, it is Stephanie Klein!!!!!

Stephanie can you believe it?  ID’d out in public by another faithful reader.

I might have seemed a bit out of it for reasons stated above plus the shock of such a chance encounter but I’ll tell you my senses weren’t all derailed, no not at all.  So first off let me say as much as you are very photogenic on the blog, in person even lovelier, your hair especially a feature to catch a person’s eye.  But more so than this to be honest from your blogging about your ongoing experiences in Gotham and the travails of dating and also some of the past things you have been through in your life I must say I expected a possibly tougher edge; but instead a much softer outward air about you, IMHO.

OK you keep blogging and I’ll keep reading.  The more you live it up, the more I enjoy your blog posts both text and pics.  You really are quite a talented and creative individual."

How well-spoken and thoughful are the readers of this blog?  Chris, you’re very kind.  But you know, for the record, the most universal comment I get when meeting people who’ve known me just from my site is, "you know, you’re much softer in reality."  What the fcuk?  What makes me seem so goddamn abbrasive?  (ahem, that was a joke) 

view the photos from the rest of the night >>



  1. What a small world–fun story though! Do you whiten your teeth? They always look so pearly white in your pics.

  2. Hahahaha funny joke. So my thinking is along the lines of others'? That's certainly not something that happens everyday ;-)

    PS thanks for posting the pic of the two of us, now I'm famous too!

  3. I haven't had that happen to me yet, but knowing my luck someone will recognise me the next time I'm at my doctors, and I'll have that amazing 'I've been sick for three weeks' look going on. *Knocks on wood*

    Funny story, nice blog. :o)

  4. I am sure that more of us that read your blog regularly would recognize you if they saw you out in NYC. Some might not approach you as they really do not know you other than through your writing (blog) or through your eyes (pictures). It is just like being a celebrity because they do not know if you are approachable or for that matter want to be approached at that point in time.

    I agree that you have reached celebrity status…but you probably already were there from the newspaper articles.

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