I was lost at Hermes. Lost because I was dizzy and hungry and promised food. I kept looking for my pellet, but only found small bowls of nuts near the makeshift white wine bar. Needless to say, I cozied up to the bar and befriended the tenders. Then my first star-sighting…


Lisa (above) approached, “Are you Stephanie Klein?” It was the first time a stranger has recognized me from my web site, without being introduced to me or my site through a mutual friend. Lisa was both insightful and adorable; I’m glad to have met her. And of all places… Hermes.

Hermes has a gallery on the top floor of their Madison Avenue store, and last night, they hosted a shindig launching the Urban Dreams collection of photos by Parsons School of Design students. I genuinely don’t remember seeing one photograph. I was too busy catching up with Erin, Monique, and Michael, meeting Lisa, photographing Jake, and re-meeting more bloggers and trying to remember names. First time ever… I go to a photography show and can’t see beyond my own LCD screen. How narcissistic. Hey, at least I was in good company… it was Hermes.

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