suzara’s soiree

“I don’t think I can motivate. It’s raining and my stomach is distended.” I am still in my bathrobe and should be ready to leave in 10 minutes for Suzara’s birthday soiree at Tiki Room.

“Just throw on jeans and tie a sweater around your waist, chica. I’m coming over.” Jen and I rally. She gets drenched finding us a cab while I wait beneath my apartment awning. I hate what I’m wearing.

At Tiki Room I’m greeted with beautiful faces and warm smiles. I’m such a lucky women to know and be surrounded by such amazing women. Each one, their own little tiki light… lighting up the room, to toast and celebrate our sweet sweet Jen Suzara’s 28th Birthday. Todd groans at the camera. “Oh jesus, I don’t want to be on that web site.” Todd is not the first boy to whine this (Ahem, Neil). What’s up with the paranoia boys? Jeez.

I can always count on Mishy and Aura to pose and laugh with me. And my upper west side girls to leave with me. Samantha, Jen, and I decide we’re hungry. How in god’s name am I hungry? Big Nicks. Onion rings. French fries. Burger. Pizza. Ice cream. I’m so not kidding. All in all, totally worth the rally. Not sure how I’m going to do it again on Saturday night for a Bachelorette Bash…

Click for pics from the night >





  1. Strangely enough I ended up at your weblog via The Guardian UK. I guess it's not that strange since I don't know how else I would have found it. Regardless, it's been fun learning about you from the small portion that I've read. Your writings have been excellent so far.
    Big Nicks' garlic soup rules!

  2. Big Nick's. Wow I miss that place. I'm jealous and hungry all at once.

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