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  1. True – there's nothing sexier than confidence.

    Confidence, in my opinion, is the best lingerie.

    I’ve worn sexy Victoria’s Secret lace underoos and plain old white Hanes, only to notice the same response. If you got a good bod and confidence, really doesn’t matter what you wear.

    So I’ve tossed the uncomfortable teddy and lace garters and cancelled my VicSecret’s card, opting to strip down to my comfy and lovable Hanes instead. End of day, confidence beats all.

    Beside, most men prefer you, well, naked.

  2. #50 from your Dad. If a woman is beautiful, she can wear a garbage bag. No one is looking at her shoes, and no one cares if it’s Chanel.

    And no one cares if its Victoria's Secret.
    The sweats would confuse me too. They tell me that you aren't concerned with looking sexy and that you just don't care. Even if you do look cute in them.
    Do you know what else is super cute?
    With a tiny little baby-girl tshirt underneath.
    Yeah baby.

    Your blog kicks my blog's ass.
    I am humbled.

  3. Whether you are wearing lingerie or a wifebeater and sweats, it doesn't really matter. We (guys) are pretty much all charged up that first night that we don't really notice what you are wearing at that point in time. We so want to peel your clothes off that our mind is just totally focused on you. We will likely remember what you were wearing later on, but it is you that really takes over our thoughts.

    Lingerie later on adds some spice to the mix.

  4. If he likes you enough to not watch a movie with you, then my guess is he really won't mind what you wear. However, I've always like the "unsexy" white hanes girls stuff on the few girls who deigned to show them to me. The Victoria's Secret stuff is WAY too challenging for the first time. That's all the guy needs is to have his confidence crushed when he's trying to remove some complicated latch and you have to help him, even though you're both (hopefully) sober. Maybe a followup post would help us, Stephanie? Oh yeah, keep it mysterious, never mind…:b

  5. Glad to see you even manage to over-analyze the most intimate of moments with a man. That's really hot ..NOT!
    And these endless paragraphs of drivel…do you have a job, or just sit in front of your computer thinking of things to write? Me and my office mates suggest you step away from the computer for once, get out, and enjoy yourself. But then again maybe not…we wouldn't have anything here to talk about!

  6. In some way, I'm with Ned. A little TOO MUCH to think about. Just get down to it, for God's sakes. For me, even the sweats would work in certain situations.

  7. Robotnik – right or what ? i mean, you're with a girl and she's thinking of this , that , the other thing, do i do this, how does this appear, etc, etc, etc. …i mean JUST DO IT…geez ! Its all instinctual.

  8. Wow, Ned. Seriously, get a life. Obviously you spend a significant amount of time sitting in front of your computer to be droning on about this blog with your "office mates".

  9. I think Stephanie is trying to explain to us the thoughts that run through a woman's mind. She mentions the insecurities on how she (or all women) have (i.e. their looks when undressing). I really doubt she does this when she goes to get changed.

    Let's face reality, women make the decision whether they are going to sleep with us or not long before we get back to their place. However, the usage of the wifebeater and sweats signifies that they really do not know how things are going to progress that night. They know they want to have sex with you, but I don't think they fully know that you want to have sex with them that night. This comes back to insecurities and rejection. By coming out casually in sweats rather than in lingerie, they are saved from an embarassing situation if you decide not to initiate anything.

    By coming out in lingerie, guys pretty much know they are going to have sex. But, women want it to be for them and not the clothes. There is nothing wrong with that. They want it to happen because you want them for all that they are and not just for the way that they look.

  10. Hey Ned, change the damn channel if you aren't having fun.

    Some thoughts on pre sex dress for the lady:

    Lace is for looking, not touching. It isn't soft and can get kind of… umm, scratchy, if it rubs against certain areas.

    Satin is soft, tactile, sexy, but a little bit trashy… which I can enjoy in the right situation.

    Cotton one piece romper/sleeper, I am done. Want a kidney, just ask… done. Yum!

    Sweats can send a mixed message, but they also are very conducive to snuggling which easily leads down the road you both already want to go. Also, a girl, hair down, in oversized sweats… Thank G-d for women.

    I am also a big fan of overalls on women, but not in a movie/sex date scenario. Pony tail, overalls, passing me on the street will make my head turn. A ballcap is also hot in that particular scenario.

    This was a fun one.

  11. I'm still with Ned–too much analysis. Which can spill over into the man's head…which may inhibit him or both of them…see where this is going?

    This should be fun.

  12. I'm with Tom sometimes…but Tom seems a bit of a kiss-ass on this blog. NOthing but niceness…we sometimes need a shot of anger or resentment, don't you think?

    Also…low blow on "erectile issues." (no pun intended) Women NEVER think it might have something to do with them…Never EVER. Not an iota.


  13. You know…here's a thought: forget about all this shite you're posting about men. Leave them alone. Grab a faithful little "toy" and…life is beautiful.

  14. I am a pretty low key type of guy. I don't like to argue. I also have a pretty high threshold when it comes to pushing me into showing anger or resentment.

    Before I comment, I try to make sure that I understand what everyone is trying to say. I may not agree with everything that is said, but at the least I try to understand where they are coming from.

    Tell me what kind of anger and resentment that you want me to show. I could make comments about NED. What would the point be of doing that? I don't need to make him look bad because he does that all by himself. He writes before he thinks and a smart person thinks before they write.

  15. even though (most likely) no one will see them, i am rockin the lace boy shorts today. puts an extra swish in my step. thanks for the inspiration.

  16. Ned you our entitled to your opinions seemingly as negative and mean-spirited as they are and Stephanie can certainly take care of herself so I wont give you a hard time for you giving her a hard time but I must say telling Stephanie to "get out and enjoy herself". Huh?!

  17. The blog mistress is not overanalyzing things. I believe the point of posing questions and scenarios is simply to encourage feedback and points-of-view. Besides, you try thinking up something engaging to write about day in and day out. And for those with a natural curiosity in life, or those involved in artistic endeavors (writers, artists, etc.), your first-line of sourcing your creativity is by OBSERVING. Be observant about everything, everyday in life, from the mundane to the fascinating. This is a good, anonymous way of seeing how people respond to situations we all face. Beats eavesdropping at Starbucks.

    As for this specific post, it seems, to me at least, the bottomline is the age-old question: which do men really prefer, a Ginger or a Maryann? which path is going to lead to a successful outcome? If you come out in sweats, he may think you're uninterested and you risk languishing in 'friend' territory; come out in la perla and, yeah, he may go wild, but he might get a little scared too, thinking this isn't only because HE rocks, that you do this with every guy, all the time. then you risk being the kind to never meet mom. And maybe you don't want to. Of course, ideally your woman is both (what's that lyric, "a lady on the street and a freak in the bed"). I think most of us strive for that. But you men wouldn't believe what a fine line that is to walk.

    In short, assuming you've the thighs for them, lacy boyshorts are a perfect meeting of both worlds. They are an unequivocal hit in my boudoir.

  18. Tom, we need a bit of color…come on. Ok, with respect, I'll take the "kiss ass" comment back. Most than likely, an unfair thing to do, not knowing you. Just…sometimes I see men kissing up to Stephanie in their post, and it just makes me cringe.

    Getting back to the subject–sometimes things get over-analyzed to death by people. Too much stress, too many games, too much disappointment.

  19. …in the end, YES. Boy-shorts are definitely the bomb. And…Stormi: nicely put. I agree, I never eavesdrop at Starbuck's. You don't get anything interesting there. Just a bunch of "you know" and "like" and "oh my god" type conversations. Matter of fact, you get that just about everywhere. Forget it, I'm moving to Switzerland to make clocks and chocolate.

  20. Hey, ChrisM: BIZARRO! Your post, its point laboriously extricated by the anxious reader in the end, leaves a bit to be desired in terms of syntax.

    Points earned, however, for a challenging read.

  21. I think Stephanie is only saying what all women are thinking. Her honesty alone is impressive. Good for you!

    As for the undies, I have noticed there are three types of men: those who like the sexy red satin, those who want the naughty black vinyl, and those who love the innocent white cotton. Go figure. :)

  22. Alright…Robotnik will this satisfy your idea of adding some color? Maybe some humor as well?

    From the comments above anyone of us could twist what we say or just poke a little fun. Now since I don't know anyone, don't take any offense this is all in fun.

    Steph prefers the real deal over toys.

    No1ofConsequence needed to take a cold shower after his post.

    ChrisM got a little bit too excited and kind of prematurely blew his post.

    Stormi get down with your bad self and get your freak on with the lacy boyshorts. Well put, lady on the street and a freak in the bed. I'd bet you are.

    Hugo, what you wear is your business and not ours.

    And NED…talk about getting a life and a job. You sit around with your "office mates" and this is all you talk about. Come on.

    Does that satisfy you now?

  23. hey Robotnik, as I told you before, you are in serious need of a job, you are a loser in every way and Nick, you are just a dick. I am sure you are one of those guys with a two inch dick and bad teeth.

  24. Funny, I never saw a post from a Nick. Who is Nick with the two inch dick…is that you?

  25. Here's the move. Take it from a guy who knows. Wife-beater, sweatSHORTS, bra, thong. Casual, sexy, perfect for the movie. Ready for the green light? Reach back and unclip the bra – pull it out one side. Done deal.

  26. Wow, this one's got everyone stirred up!

    In reference to this post's pic, what was the famous "When Harry Met Sally" line? "I'll have what she's having…"

  27. Not Nick, NED is who i meant and Robotnik, please, go away, get a job, grow the fuck up and get laid-you -are annoying-you poor soul

  28. Well, I'll try to rebut here; I don't WANT to go away–I like Stephanie's blog, I have a job, I am 35 years of age–I think that's grown-up enough, and…I have two kids, so I'm doing OK in the "get laid" department.

    It's a shame you find me annoying, but…hey, that's the way it goes; seems like you're on here as much as I am–seeing how you keep making these comments. Also, I am not a POOR soul; I'd say I'm more of an upper-middle-class soul.

  29. Just a word of advice…

    Never use kids as a reason when you say that you are "doing ok in the get laid department". That sets you up for a response that you only got laid twice in your life because you have two kids. And if you try to respond to that you set yourself up for a whole lot of other comments, which I won't go into. You should always think two steps ahead of what wise ass comment you might get in return before you post.

  30. Wow, Tom…you're really counting on the percentages with that "kids" philosophy. If I had that kind of success rate, I'd go Pro. Imagine the possibilities of guaranteeing those kinds of results.

    Also, I don't think two steps ahead to avoid smart ass comments. NOthing wrong with a little criticism from people. It's good for us. It keeps us honest.

  31. i don't know how i ended up here, but i have one question:
    what the hell is a 'cotton one piece romper/sleeper'??

  32. All the above is nonsense. Your so damn hot it
    makes no diference what you wear. Your body sias it all!

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