My friends are all beautiful, and I’m not saying that like a soccer coach who spits out, “you’re all winners” after the team has been pulverized. I’m not talking inner beauty–though duh–but mouth agape, head turning beauties. It actually almost makes me nauseous.

I’m tempted to turn off the comment function because I worry I’ll hear “you’re just as beautiful” crap. That’s not what this is here for. I’m pretty amazed with myself that I actually go anywhere at all public with these women; this has to attest to my security with myself. I’m certainly not friends with these women because of their looks… or am I?

It occurs to me just now, quite seriously, that I don’t have an ugly friend. Okay, I do have one, but she lives in Boston, so really she doesn’t count. I can’t believe I just typed that. Do we see our friends, also, as a reflection of ourselves–as accessories, like our children, choice of shoes, and breed of dog?

If I were to velvet rope it with a crew of three other chicklets, each more recherché than the next, would men find me more exquisite than if I were in the same situation, flanked with homely fems, each more course and boorish than the next? Before you answer, consider Lohmann’s.

Bargain shopping certainly breeds a rush of excitement when you reveal a gem. You almost have to check yourself, looking behind you, to see if anyone else is on to you. But bargain shopping takes work, digging through piles of mismatched clothes, whipping through wheels of hangers by sizes. Even when you reveal something you think you might like, you figure, how good can it be, it’s at frickin’ Daffy’s. Maybe you take it home but never really love it the way you love an expensive Bergdorf’s purchase. You don’t bother to fold it with scented tissue paper in your armoire. Instead, it gets put on a shelf atop the closet full of nothing to wear. You shrug at it; it’s something to throw on.

Now consider a boutique store, with a trained staff and a clean scent. Natural light, nothing overwhelming; you’re surrounded by neat order. You want to buy it all, hoping your life will become the store, fresh, clean and airy, as if you’re life is all white. It’s hard to decide, but once you do, you walk home swinging the bag. You rearrange your shelves to accommodate it. You’re in love.

Of course it’s the same item… er, same woman/man, but the scene certainly reinforces the sale. Of course, you know by now, I’m all diversion. It’s just the way my mind works. What I was going to say, even though I’ve said it before, was it doesn’t really matter at the end of the day how absolutely stunning all my friends are. If a man wants one of them over me (which they always do), then it wasn’t meant to be… and I’m not saying that like a soccer coach who just lost the game.

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  1. I think you're hot. Hotter than most of your friends in the pictures, except that one blonde one, but she's "Town and Country" hot. You're more witty jewish intelligent hot.

  2. Dear hmm,

    I fear you may have missed a point of Stephanie's insightful writing.

    I am equally as Jewish as darling Stephanie, debatably as intelligent, and perhaps less witty (I'll give you that one). AND, you fail to give credit to Miss Klein's photography skills. If at any point on this site, Stephanie appears any less gorgeous than anyone else, it is merely because she talentfully portrays others in the best light possible, and others behind the camera cannot possibly do her equal justice.

    Stephanie is one of the most beautiful women I know personally – not only because of her inner and outer beauty. She also sees beauty of the world and her life, and she shares it. Her beauty is an inspiration.


    P.S. I'll take " 'Town and Country' hot!" Thank you.

  3. I had to admit, I've wondered to myself at times when women surround themselves with ugly friends. What's going on there? I'm not proud that I noticed, but seriously, you have to wonder about what's going on with that scenario.

  4. Yes, your friends are all beautiful and so are you. I know you didn't want to hear that, but too bad! However, beauty is not the only thing that you and your friends have. Each of you brings something else to the table other than your looks, which is the reason why you are all friends. All of you didn't become friends because of the way that you look. And likely you wouldn't still be friends if that was the only reason why you are friends. Because if it was, then you would be jealous of each other when someone else got attention and you did not. Clearly, that is not the case which means there is something more there that brings you all together. Whatever that "more" is, should be the thing that we all should be focused in on.

    P.S. I hope your friend in Boston doesn't read your blog.

  5. I don't know your friends. Never read anything they've written. What I know of you is what you've written, and the photos you've shared with us. I can't compare you to your friends. All I know is that I find you intriguing and riveting to read, and I keep coming back, sometimes a few times a day. Your physical beauty is obvious, but it's your personality that engages my mind, makes me keep reading.

  6. "and others behind the camera cannot possibly do her equal justice."

    That's only because her super powers camera is impossible to operate correctly unless you wield Stephanie's powers. I mean, that thing, and Chris' amazing charm made everyone believe we worked for the New Yorker, and got us into the fancy-shmanz club that was 'at capacity'. I mean really… that's one powerful camera.. (or one magical Chris).

  7. To reiterate Joe's well written point, it wouldn't matter to me if there were no pictures posted on your site. 99% of the time I don't look at them anyway. It wouldn't matter to me at all. How could anyone read your thoughts and not become completely entranced… not come back every day to see what musings you will share with us? I know you aren't looking for validation, merely being introspective about your life, but your physical beauty isn't what attracts people to you.

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