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I own my own business.
rwscissorsRunning with Scissors is a photography and web design firm… well cause… hey, I’m firm. Whatever. I’m a proprietor now. So why Running with Scissors? Cause I break rules… and for me it evokes an arts & crafts sentiment. It’s better than calling my company, “Rubber Cement.”

Day one of my new business:
I lose my brand new ($500, glare-free, scratch-resistant) glasses somewhere between City Hall and Grand Central Station. Yup, those glasses, right there in the photo. Gone. So now, I’m a squinting success.

I made the man who stamped my business forms shake my hand and wish me luck. (I also make the lotto man actually shake my hand after I buy each ticket.)

I’m opening a business bank account.

Success owns an attaché case. When I was younger, I witnessed fast-paced women in beige trench coats carrying tan briefcases, with a newspaper under a winged arm. I’d look hot in a trench… maybe they’re on sale. I mean come on, that has to be a write-off.



  1. Fret not, your glasses are safe and currently adorn the face of Lisa Loeb.

  2. bummer about the glasses. congrats on the business !! wanna hire me? i have a degree in graphic design ! haha ! love the running with scissors logo :)

  3. Nice glasses, but why pay $500 for the frickin things? Get some Costa Del Mar sunglasses and you'll be hotter for cheaper. With the same no-squint properties.

    And congrats on owning a business.

  4. Congratulations! Will have to hear more about your new venture! And coincidentally, my $500 Miklis got damaged when a box fell and missed my face (but got them glasses) at ToysRUs. I understand what a bummer it is!

  5. Congrats on the new business; very brave of you! If you need an editor/proofreader, let me know! Best of luck…

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