ex and the City

In a city as large as Manhattan, it shouldn’t just be possible, it should be expected, that you won’t run into persnickety ex boyfriends and ex lovers. You do your part, avoiding all of “your” restaurants, “your” bars—you even stay on your own side of the park. When it happens, you are without makeup, not at your worst, but not at your best. You go home and race to the mirror, just as you are. Did I look okay? You tell your friends. Okay, it was an unexpected hiccup; you go on. These things happen, life isn’t fair, you know the drill.

It’s a bit different when your ex contacts you. An unexpected phone call or email—Boom. You’ve got drama. One always hopes that her ex will come crawling back, not because she wants him; just so she can say it. The low chant of “I was an idiot” can be heard on Sunday evenings throughout New York just as the Sunday Blues settle in. I’ve got too many idiots, too many ex-boyfriends who didn’t realize a good thing until it was gone.



  1. Like most large cities, New York is just a series of small towns, with defined neighborhoods. You know you're bound to run into a familiar face often enough to make it almost routine. Meanwhile, you really shouldn't be overly fixated on your looks in casual mode. The pictures of you in the boat with Linus belie your concerns. They show you at your most attractive moment. Not a joke, kid. M.

  2. As one of your "MANY EXs", I beg to differ!!!
    One of the happiest, most freeing days I knew back then was the day I finally got rid of you permanently!
    Get off of your high horse, and come back to reality.
    REAL LIFE isn't a TV show, or did you forget that????

  3. That's a very nice thing for you to say, Tal. Now go back to Isreal, and do Port Washington & Great Neck a favor. I wrote your college essay for you, and watched you punch a tree outside my house when I kicked you out…Too Tall Turkey Tal, Geeky Goofy Gryn: Grow the fuck up… Pahleeze.

  4. Stephanie,
    You truly live in your own world. Reality and Imagination as one. Or did you forget trying to blow me just to keep me from leaving that day in the snow. Obviously you have…
    So take your insecure try to explain everything bullshit and continue feeding it to the stupid masses who you write for. Us real people have no time for it.

  5. Really, what the fuck is his ("one of your exboyfriends") problem!?! And he has the NERVE to tell you to grow the fuck up! HE'S oh-so-obviously the one who needs to do that!

  6. Holy crap, Tal has a problem, he is a) reading your blog, B) commenting on it C) and is bitter!

    Sorry for him, he has a problem. Wow!

    This is such a brilliant post – well done Stephanie !

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