birthday babe kimberly

(Top Shelf: Rachel, Steph, Jen Choi; Bottom Deck: Lauren, Samantha, Birthday babe Kim)
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I’ve hit a new low.  It’s 4:03 am on Sunday. I can’t go to sleep yet because there is eye makeup to deal with, water to be had, a pill and a helping of Advil to be ingested, and most importantly images to be uploaded off my Nikon.  Somehow my hair still smells like smoke despite Bloomberg.  An infomercial keeps me company: The Slimming Pants.  They show a bunch of fatties with bulges squeezed into product like swirled sausage meat in thin casing.  Then the craptacular before and after, and guess what?  After ain’t lookin’ so good.  Ladies, invest in a padded bra; divert attention from the thighs. Next.

My highlights of the evening… finding a top to match my necklace, hair highlights, drinking tomato soup from a glass, Kim’s sentimental dinner toast, watching Suzara stir her drink with a lollypop, feeling envy for Choi and Richard, helping Hanser decide between bare legs or lace beneath her leather hotpants, hamburgling in my Gucci, catching up with Rachel & Witts, sweeping my finger into cupcake icing, cabbing home with my UWS buddy system Monique, donning a clear plastic head cap in the rain—I’m so ghetto, girlfriends.

I just love the birthday babe, Kimberly.  She includes everyone in her conversations, sweeping her manicured nails across your arm.  Regardless of subject, whenever Kimberly speaks, she is all class, distinction, and sophistication.  Yet, she envelops with her touch; her laugh is as warm and inviting as fire.  Everyone is a sweet lovie to my sweet lovie Kim, except when we can’t stand someone, in which case, she’s always got a reserved seat beside me.
View all the pics of the pretties from the night >>



  1. Ohhh my gawsh, when am I going to get hot friends like you?

    Probaly when I stop gawking. Very nice pictures.

  2. Steph–I am in awe, as always. The writing is brilliant, the pictures are adorable. Thank you thank you for everything. xoxoxoxoxo

  3. I am having an argument with myself right now about which one of you I am most in love with. I am winning. I'll let you know the results soon. p.s. I didn't even read this post.

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