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(noun) a leisurely walk or stroll, especially one taken in the evening

That after dinner walk, taken routinely in Italy by little old men... it's a habit. And it can be yours, too. Lululemon never required.

    Fill in your information above, then click the button. The HABITS TRACK will be sent to your email. You then open the email, confirm I can send you free stuff, and you will be able to print the habits track. All free.

    I've damn near read 101 books about habit formation. Loops, dopamine, repetition. That's a lot of consuming, a lot of researching, and a lot of contemplating. If you're going to -ing like it's a sport, at least have something to show for it. Enter, my monthly habits track. Do yourself a favor. Don't wait to start on the first of the month. Begin wherever you are right now. Today. Perfection is the enemy progress.

    It looks like a track because it's a visual reminder that you run your life, and that life runs on routines, which are simply a network of habits. The scale doesn't create weight loss, healthy habits do. The scale doesn't create fat-loss, healthy habits do. And when it comes to healthy habits, it's all about consistency and positive emotion. You need both for habits to form. Don't believe me? Think of anything you're good at. Procrastinating? If you do it often enough, and there's an immediate payoff (like not having to face the hard thing in the moment), you're good at it. We get good at whatever we practice.

    My hero nerd friends, I also offer a more advanced SOS filter that helps you determine which habits are worthy of tracking. Which ones will have the biggest impact and what to do when you're met with resistance. But for now, enjoy my free Habits Track and run your own damn life...in the direction of your dreams.

    Daily Habit Tracker

    Measure & Manage

    Measure & Manage

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      We want weight loss to arrive like Amazon Prime, with same day delivery. And we want to pick up where we left off in terms of habits. But, Bad News Bears, my friend. Because none of that works. The key to picking habits to track? Are you willing to do it on your worst day ever? If you can do it on your worst day ever, then you're unstoppable. "Go big or go home," ends up at home, on the sofa, complaining. Go easy. Go gentle. And celebrate the crap out of every micro-habit landed.

      Habit Tracker

      The S.O.S. Habits Track by Stephanie Klein


      1. Love this so much! You are the best Coach there could ever be & you’re always thinking of ways to help all of us on our journeys. No one is more motivating & inspiring than you & that’s what makes you who you are Thank you for always sharing yourself, your knowledge & your wisdom with us

      2. I love everything about this and I have evidence that it works !! Thank you !!

      3. I finally broke down and printed the habit tracker. I look forward to exploring my habits.
        Thank You Stephanie

        1. Author

          Girl, it’s just data collection. Neutral data. No shame, no frustration. Just moments of “Oh, how interesting!” Pay attention to those target # of days at the bottom and set those realistically!

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