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Lose Weight by Swiping Your Kids’ Video Games

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Nintendo 3DS XL

The Gift Guide holiday list no longer applies to kids, but to big kids, too. As in adults, like moi. Why would a sophisticated woman, for example, want to buy her children a Nintendo 3DS XL? So she can steal it from them, of course. Do you know the ONLY way I get myself to do cardio at the gym is by stealing their Nintendo handheld device, loaded with Zelda games (I’m a problem solver). I can walk and sweat for over an hour, lost in playing these games. It’s crazy that more people don’t do this. My heart is pumping; I’m not suffering. I hardly notice I’m working out! But my heart rate is up, and I’m sweating. It’s the best. I’m all about distracting myself from the hell that is exercise.

GAMES I LOVE (with or without the gym):
The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

Fitting Room Frenzy
I don’t let the kids watch TV or use any electronic devices during the week. Not in the car, in their rooms, nowhere. Except. If I “need” to shop and drag them to a few stores, I 100% let them bring their 3DS devices because they want me to take longer shopping. “Don’t you want to go try on more stuff, Mama?” The Nintendo 3DS is a mom’s best friend. My kids are sitting just outside my fitting room, begging not to leave!

mariomakerSuper Mario Maker I LOVE this game. I had a chance to play it with Lucas at a Nintendo Girls in Gaming event. Abigail was busy bonding with Austin & Ally star Laura Marano. Mario Maker is a combination of Minecraft and the Super Mario Brothers game you might have played on the original Nintendo system! You can create your own game, then play it, or just play the old school original game! It isn’t released until December 2, but you can pre-order with low-price guarantee on Amazon.

Laura Marano, Game Lover

Mario Party Star RushMario Party Star Rush blows my mind. Okay, so this game lets up to four players play the game together, all at once. They don’t need to take turns. In fact, you only need to buy one cartridge, just buy the game once, and it will work with up to 3 other devices. It’s actually adorable. I’m kind of contemplating inviting some of their friends over, just to see them in action, playing together, all on their own devices. I think this is brilliant. I also love that this lets me bond with the kids, when we each play on our own devices. We now have 3 handheld devices in our house!


Pokemon MoonUnlike the rest of the country, my kiddos aren’t into Pokemon. But, their friends are. If you know of anyone into Pokemon, they’ll be into these new releases. Pokemon Sun. Pokemon Moon.

Be the wild mom, and let your kids see itOkay, a random gift you can give kids is the gift of random play. Be outrageous. Embarrass them. Make memories. Open their world by opening their minds. I love buying them dress-up clothes, wigs, capes, you name it. Because it allows them to detach from their self-image and embrace their imaginations. We take more risks when we’re someone else. Buy these types of gifts for them, but also, buy them for yourself, for when you’re around them! I think I’ll always be the mom in the wig.

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  1. So glad to see you loving Zelda. One of my favorite series ever!

    Another fun one for kids (and exercising adults alike) is the Professor Layton series — tons of logic puzzles and quirky storylines.

    And I might be 35, but I’ll always have a soft spot for Animal Crossing. An OCD collector’s dream and just really fun and cute. They always have neat surprises for each holiday and season.

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