Cyber Shop ‘Til You Drop

It might be the only Monday I like all year. There’s no room for “need” when Cyber Monday comes into play. It’s “didn’t even know I wanted” territory, buying things just because they’re a deal. It’s been my experience that Cyber Monday deals are better than Black Friday deals, and they’re without lines. If the Black Friday deal was 50%, the Cyber Monday deal is 50% + Free Shipping + Extra 35% already marked down items. Should there be additional savings as the holidays approach, you can always do a price adjustment. Which is why I will be contributing to the consumerism craze of Cyber Monday. Here’s what I’ll be hitting up:


Opera length leather gloves, monogrammed. Here’s my struggle. Do I go Magenta, that bright glorious pink so needed in winter (also goes brilliantly with Navy, with cream, with fur), or do I go with the more classic red? #decisions Code: FRIENDS (or EXTRA35 if it’s on sale)

Okay, so this suede tassel clutch kind of makes the case for the red gloves. Both timeless, both can be worn casually or zhooshed. Rocker jeans with grandma’s fur. Own it. Code: CYBER50


You can never go wrong with pearls. They’re classic. In particular, I’m fond of these Majorica 8mm baroque pearls and the way they make your wrists look slender and feminine. I love pearls in a way that I don’t love any other jewelry. They glow. They light you up. Earrings don’t get lost, if you have light hair. I’m a pearl girl. More to come as I obsess further…



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