laughing curl torture – wet routine (video)

You asked me for this, so I’m giving it up. I laugh when I watch this because it’s so ridiculous. Oh, the ugly moments we live through in the name of beauty, one of which is captured here, in this video tutorial of my attempt at filming my wet hair routine for curly hair.

Products mentioned:
Biggest bottle of Curl Keeper Possible!
Kinky Curly Curling Custard
Aquis Hair Towel

Other favorite products that I also use interchangeably:
Ouidad Climate Control Gel or Ouidad Tress Effects
Kinky Curly Knot Today as my Leave-in Conditioner (also great for day 2-3 hair)
LA Looks Sport Gel for more hold without the crunch!

SECOND DAY HAIR: My Day 2-3 hair and HOW I SLEEP wearing the infamous “Purple Pie Man.”

SOFT BOUNCING CURLS: Also known as Texas Hair  (almost a blowout, without a blowdryer)
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  1. You are too funny, love this video and appreciate your sacrifices for beauty! You stopped short of explaining how long you leave your wet hair wrapped and whether you do anything to finish it. Thanks from a fellow fine-textured-curly-headed girl

    1. Author

      Yes, good point, indeed. I leave it plopped on my head (where the curls pile onto themselves) for at least 15 minutes. I usually do my makeup during this time. Then I carefully remove towel, with my head DOWN (nape of neck to ceiling). I then either carefully stand up and run out door as is, OR I’ll grab my hair dryer with bowl shaped diffuser, and I’ll let curls pile onto themselves on top of the diffuser, up and down, so the whole curl is sitting on the diffuser. Bring up to roots, down, up to roots, down. You can also do this lying on your bed, with your head hanging off the side. Good look. I think adding the stronger holding LA Looks is actually essential in having that good second and third-day hair.

  2. This is great! But what happens when you get out of shower? You just step out w dripping hair and start routine? I can’t believe how wet the hair needs to be. Is your hair wet for half the day? When is the LA Looks gel applied? I tried to copy your second day hair curling iron routine but for life of me could not get it to work, hoping for more luck with this.

    1. Author

      Okay, I’ve done it both ways, same result, so do whichever feels most natural to you. Some days I keep all my hair products in the shower with me. I shower, then, once I’m rinsed, I bend over and comb through my hair with my fingers, nape of neck to ceiling while shower water is still on body, and I add my layer of slippery gel, then the curling custard, then the LA Looks. I wash that all off my hands (since still in shower). Still with my head upside down, I shut off the shower, and hop out and put my head to counter/seat/flat surface as shown in video to wrap in Aquis towel. Then different towel to dry off body. Put on makeup and skincare products, towel off, diffuse. Done.

      OR I will condition in shower and dry off any way at all, getting out quickly. Put on any old thing that’s ready to get soaked. Moisturize, do whatever, but when it’s finally time to fix my hair, then I would take to the sink, as I did in the video. LA Looks is last part because it is NOT slimy. It’s thick and sticky (but it doesn’t dry sticky, and you squeeze the hard out of it when diffusing, or later in the day if you’ve air-dried). I hope this helps!

      I enjoy the Curling Custard for its “Clumping” abilities, BTW, which is why I add that step.

  3. This is SO helpful! Thank you! A few questions, if you will entertain them: How long does your hair take to dry? I’m transitioning back to curly hair from straightened hair, and one of the things that is harder with curly hair is that it takes so long to dry before I go to work in the morning. Also, do you still use Aveda Style Prep? I bought it based on your previous recommendations (along with the Ouidad Climate Control Gel). Finally, what conditioners do you use? Thanks, Stephanie!

    1. Author

      I leave my hair up in that towel for about 15 minutes before taking it down and pushing a bowl shaped diffuser up (that is, letting the curls collapse on themselves as you push the diffuser up to the roots. Up and drop back down, then up on a new section, back down, etc. It takes a long time to dry fully, no question, but I will say that your hair is then great for at least 3 days!

      I still use the Aveda Style Prep because the texture has a lot of “slip.” I add it sometimes instead of the curl keeper (the problem is that you still need to add a product that helps saturate the hair. I think it’s perfect with the Ouidad Climate Control gel. The only step I’d add is to possibly add the LA Looks gel on areas that are drying too stringy (not clumpy enough), kind of coating hair with it.

      In the shower, I’ve been enjoying L’Oreal EverCurl Conditioning Cleanser to wash my hair. Then I’ll add the Kinky Curly Knot Today to make sure it’s slippery. Then upside down I add the Curl Keeper, then Curling Custard (or Style Prep and Climate Control) then after it’s in towel but before I diffuse, I’ll sometimes add LA Looks. Diffuse, done.

      But before I go to bed (I will show in different video), I also scrunch in some Knot Today into the dry tips of my hair before bed!

  4. What kind of diffuser do you use. BTW your hair looks great curly and i would wear it that way all the time!

  5. Thanks for all the product info! I’m excited to try them all. Do you shampoo? If so, what product and how often?

    1. Author

      If I didn’t re-wet, then yes. But I’ve found it’s the only way to get the products evenly distributed! When I don’t rake enough, I wind up with pieces that go stringy or frizzy. That is why I re-wet… to get the natural curl pattern back.

  6. Phew! And I used to be so jealous of curly-headed people because those gorgeous curls always look so naturally effortless. (My stick-straight hair self is still jealous of the beauty, but that looks like way too much work for me.) You sure made me chuckle, though. You’re hilarious!

  7. Wow! Thank you for this! Is this a lot different from the last curl video you did about…a year or two ago? I have that video bookmarked; I must compare the two.

    So many questions! A few comments though: (1) You just cut off *10 inches*?! Good grief, your hair must’ve been long! (2) You are super funny and cute (I’m not smooozing; I’m serious), and you seem really thin (a good thin). (3) “You Can’t Do That On Television”! What a throwback! I loved me some Alastair Gillis; wrote him a fan letter and everything! Got a signed photo back. Yay! (4) I can’t wait to try this! I can’t imagine my hair drying after 15 minutes wrapped and then a bit of diffusing, though. We’ll see! :-)

    Thanks again.

  8. This really makes me laugh because straight-haired friends never understand that its actually quicker and easier to straighten my curly hair to style it, but this really shows why!

  9. So, I’m googling directions on the super soaker method and land here – and I’m like – wait a sec, didn’t I go to Wheatley with her?!?! How exciting to bump into you this way :-) I was Julie Mathews back then (class of 1991). Ques for you – I just got my first oiudad cut (which worked well) and also bought some oiudad products – specifically, the curl quencher and the pommade. I can tell they’re great products. but, I need to tweak the process b/c the rake and shake method doesn’t give me clumpy curls in the end. Can I use the Oiudad curl quencher first followed by the curling custard? Some others seem to say that the curling custard doesn’t mix well with other brands. Have you used it in conjunction with oiudad products successfully? And, if so – how?

    1. Author

      Hi Julie, welcome! Yes, curl quencher is similar to Climate control (which I use). I actually keep my bottle just outside the shower (so they DO play well together!). So I rinse conditioner upside down in the shower. Then, I add my curl custard upside down onto dripping wet hair in the shower for clumping. THEN, I would add the curl quencher. Use microfiber towel to sop up extra water (still upside down) then let curls collapse onto themselves, pile up and pin up as I do in video. Then let dry a bit for 15 minutes. Diffuse a bit or air dry. Then add the pommade as instructed by Ouidad (sparingly, right?)

      1. Tried it! I should preface this with I tried homemade shampoo and conditioner recently and it’s been working awesomely for my hair. I wasn’t willing to go totally no poo so, it’s a little bit cheating. My shampoo is coconut milk, gentle organic baby shampoo, almond oil, lavender and mint essential oil. The conditioning rinse is black tea (chamomile for lighter colored hair) and apple cider vinegar with a few drops of tea tree oil and mint oil for scent. I was skeptical but thought I’d try. The shampoo is SO nourishing for the hair and my hair comes out very clean and extra shiny but not at all oily or greasy. I think that’s due to the conditioning rinse which cuts the oils. I took the Oiudad curl quencher and the KCCC into the shower with me. Flipped my soaking wet hair over (nape of neck to ceiling) and raked in about a nickel size squirt of the Oiudad curl quencher and worked it through all the hair well. (my hair is just past my shoulders). Then, took some custard and worked it through the dripping hair. Then added more water to it (I literally dipped my hair into a bowl of water in the shower) and gently scrunched. I saw the clumps form like in your video. Did the microfiber towel thing as you showed. And………my stringy curly and frizzy hair is boingy, clumpy curly, shiny and totally frizz free!! I’ve never had that before. Now, I wish I didn’t cut 5 inches off. I wish I tried this first!! Thank you Stephanie! Now I have to figure out how to make this work for 2nd and 3rd day hair….

          1. Definitely not lacrosse or soccer. Never played. Must’ve been another Indian girl at Wheatley :-) I played field hockey. I’m also trying to think how I know you (aside from seeing you around in high school). I feel like I know you a little better than that somehow. Maybe we had friends in common? I’m going to find your purple pie man video now……

  10. Oh, and final thing I should note – after leaving the towel on for about 20 minutes and then taking it down and letting it air dry the rest of the way – I put used the Oiudad pommade. They told me that the key to the pommade is putting it into dry hair. It loosens the curls and the curls hang better. I found that to be true and I found it to work well after the super soaker method. Once my hair was completely dry, I took about a dime sized amount of pommade, rubbed it all over my palms, flipped my head upside down and with my pommade-y hands grabbed all my hair into a pony tail on top of my head. Don’t run your fingers through the hair. Just on the outside of the hair and the top of the ponytail. Then, let go. Awesome.

  11. how come you haven’t mentioned DEVACHAN?
    here’s my curly hair routine:

    devacare no-poo and one conditioner (bc i have colored hair)

    DEVACHAN ultimate curl gel, mix with BAMBOO plumping strand expand cream


    and if i need big hair i use BAMBOO uplifting root blast spray.

    (all available at sephora)

    THANKS FOR THE VIDEO. looking forward to trying your products.

    1. Author

      I love my Devachan haircuts, but I don’t love their products at all. I like the no-poo (minty), but I prefer the L’Oreal Sulfate-Free Conditioning Cleanser. And I prefer the Ouidad gel (more slip and not sticky or hard feeling the next day, as I find the Deva products to be).

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