stop stringing me along lasagna

step by step lasagna

Making lasagna is kind of a bitch. Labor-intensive, lots of steps, layers, you know the drill. But, it’s well-worth it if the recipient is a total lasagna freak. The quick of it is that lasagna isn’t a dish you make for just anyone. Forget “sponge-worthy.” Lasagna-worthy is the tried and true test of love.

As my mother and I made lasagna last week, and we had nothing but string cheese left to top our second tray of lasagna, I decided, “Lasagna is a make-or-break relationship dish.” It’s not easy, so you only serve it up to those worthy enough. “If I were still single,” I tell my mother as we shred the last of the cheese, “I’d make one tray of lasagna, then I’d freeze single servings of it. Each time I dated a guy for over a month, I’d serve him a slice, measure his appreciation, and really ask myself if he’s lasagna-worthy.”

“I can almost see it,” she says, “Mid-bite you’d yank the plate away from the poor guy.”

“Hey, haste makes waste, baby.”


Seriously? You know how long this post would be? Since we do things all scratch-like ’round here, I say do it in stages.  Begin with emailing me a request, and I’ll see what I can do. In the meanwhile, there are holiday cookies to eat decorate.



  1. please share! i promise to send you the best recipe for mac and cheese you have ever eaten in exchange! :)

  2. Love this! Guess what my husband courted me with? Lasagna!! I lost 35 lbs post divorce and gained a good chunk of it back after meeting Husband 2.0.

  3. Same for me and my favorite Spinach & Meatball & Tortelli soup. Kids totally adore it!

  4. Ooh now I want the lasagna recipe AND Lisa’s mac and cheese. But I want them just for me. I haven’t met a boy worthy of lasagna…yet. Are there any cute (non douchey) Jews in Austin?

  5. My favorite lasagna recipe is for a roasted vegetable one…no meat. Very labor intensive & very worth it.

  6. Are you kidding me? For so many years lasagna is the only dish I can make by myself. It was later that I realized that if you can do lasagna, you can also do spaghetti, meatballs, con carne, and so many more, lol! But hey, it all started from my favorite lasagna! (now, my kids’ favorite, too!)

  7. I have a surefire trick, using the crockpot. You just stick everything in a pile and it makes a super delish mess of cheese sauce and pasta. Perfect to feed sulky teenagers who are NOT lasagna-worthy on a good day!

    (I<d love to get my hands on that string cheese lasagna recipe please ; )

  8. Is “tray of lasagna” a regional thing? I’m from the west, and I just say a pan of lasagna. It’s an 11×15 pan, right? So how come it turns into a tray just because you put lasagna in it? Or do you call those baking dishes “trays” no matter what is in them? English is so weird. :)

  9. Seriously… you all can’t throw the recipe teases out there and then not share…

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