lazy while moving: my favorite toy

surf shelf

I have moved. My desk is no longer on the sofa or in the scrapbooking room, no. I have relocated to the New York guest room, where, behind French glass doors, I am, as I type this very post, on my elliptical machine typing (and glowing). That’s right, couch surfing without the couch. I figure if I can type and read and watch The Biggest Loser on my laptop, while blogging and writing my next memoir, I might as well burn a few calories while I’m at it, no? So from now on, I will refuse to move said laptop. I will not move it. If I want to use it, I’ll need to climb aboard. It’s the greatest invention ever! Trust me, this Surf Shelf makes the best best gift! I am buying a second one for the treadmill and maybe a third to take with me to the gym. This post brought to you by my very appreciative fat vagina.

The “what do you mean half-press to focus?!” camerawork is furnished by my mama.