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Stephanie Klein berry picking

Cardamom. Who knew. Rhubarb is emboldened by ground cardamom, despite the fact that rhubarb’s favorite dance partner happens to be ginger. For those who didn’t know, rhubarb is celery who got her way with her mama’s rouge.

As for taste, rhubarb is kissing cousins with the sour cherry, not "makes your ass pucker" sour, but tangy in the most provocative way. We sweetened ours with strawberries, hand picked. I supervised and can vow it’s all that was picked during our baking process.

rhubarb crumb cake

New York Crumb Strawberry-Rhubarb Lemon Cake

rhubarb crumbs

We headed to Marble Falls for a family picnic at Sweet Berry Farms. Packed our picnic blanket, sandwiches, sunscreen, and drinks. But we forgot our hose. And our wellingtons. I’m pretty sure I was the only person vain, insecure, thickheaded enough to wear Loubutin wedge heels to a farm on mud day. Ruined.

All the fat berries were hiding in the middle of the strawberry patch, where pools of mud gathered. We could pick a few, avoid the mud, and buy what we needed at a nearby market. Or, we could be heroes. I chose Wonder Woman.

Kicked off my kicks, rolled up the jeans, and said fcuk it, only I said it like a man who was ’bout ready to air hanky. Step aside, people.

There I was, mid-SHIN in mud, digging for plump berries. And I loved every minute of it. Balancing, foraging, plucking fat red berries, keeping stems intact for the chocolate pimping that would come later. Loved it all. Until I nearly bit the mud, fearing a garden snake wanted to have its way with me. Feet don’t fail me now. And then I went back to loving it again.

Here’s to a week full of strawberry and rhubarb recipes! Ooh, and fiddlehead ferns. I love the classic tastes of springs. Bibb lettuces with young tarragon and chives, a mustard sherry vinaigrette. Asparagus with poached egg, white truffle oil. Oh, happy spring! View the photos »


  1. Rhubarb is one of those things I’ve always wanted try, but never have. Cardamom falls into the same category. Adding the pair to this week’s to-do list. The pictures are so bright and beautiful.

  2. I love rhubarb and discovering unexpected flavor combinations (although Strawberry is quite alright with me). You should share the recipes!

  3. Do you have the recipe for the N.Y. Crumb Strawberry-Rhubarb Lemon Cake?

  4. The best pie I have ever eaten in my entire life was an orange-scented rhubarb pie (no strawberries) flavored with cardamom seeds (not ground). It was ridiculous and I have the recipe if you want it.

  5. Someone once told me the way to a man’s heart is rhubarb. If you show you can use it he is zapped in love.

  6. Where do you even find rhubarb? When is Peach season and are you going picking?

  7. Ahh spring is here. You all look darling. Where’s the suitor? He takes wonderful photos.

  8. I love Rhubarb and strawberry pie-it reminds me of my childhood! I also LOVE what you are wearing-you look beautiful.

  9. In my fav book, Ladder of Years by anne tyler, in the first chapter she describes celery as corduroy plant. I always love that.
    Have you read it???

  10. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous. Also, I love the contrast of you wearing Loubutins to the farm and then taking them off to get in the mud and dig for berries. It looks like it was a wonderful day and that cake really makes me want to break my diet!

  11. I made chocolate chip cookies last night for my lovebugs but wish I had seen this before.

  12. This cake is TAUNTING me! It looks absolutely devine. I just shed a tear for your wedges. Go you – Wonder Woman!

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