A few of my new friends have sworn their lives have changed. They’re not singing the praises of South Beach, Fatkins, or SugarBusters. No talk of cookie diets. Or super colon cleanse rituals. We’re talking about ditching wheat (and barley & rye & spelt & making Kamut go kaput).

One woman, in particular, tried everything she could to get knocked up, then resigned to the fact that she’d never give birth to her own child. As a last resort, she went gluten-free, then wham, bam, thank you mam (and man), she was with child. Said child just celebrated his second birthday with gluten-free cupcakes.

I have a friend in New York, another in LA, with Celiac disease, though the woman in New York calls it Celiac Sprue, which I then, from time to time, belt out in an operatic chant. Celiac Sprue, Celiac Sprue, What Can You Dooooo? I need to get laid, what can I tell you?

So, I wanted to help spread the word and share this film about baked goods, pizza, and general Gourmet Gluten Love. Most important, though, a lot of people have no idea that wheat’s to blame for their ‘rhea, or rashes, or weight funkiness, or fertility. "Generation Gluten-Free" is available on DVD. The cost of the DVD is $4.50 which includes shipping and handling. No, this is not my video. I’m simply sharing it as part of an awareness campaign. Enjoy. Eat up, get knocked up… and what have you. View the trailer