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Very unexpectedly this little piggy flew to New York with less than a day’s notice to appear on the Rachael Ray show, while my wee ones flew to the pediatrician’s office for their wee little piggy flu vaccinations. The truth is, I dread everything medical related when it comes to the beans, so I’m glad to have missed that appointment. There will be more appointments. L. Beckett has a followup brain and spine MRI the first week of November that’s already making me feel like I just licked a bunny.

The beans were just tickled pink by the H1N1 mist, which Phil and I made sure to read up on before making the decision. They phoned me just now to tell me it tickled. "And," Abigail added, "I want you to bring a mouse from airplane for Abby." Phil tells me they told him kids under 9 years old should come back in a month for another dose. Awesome, another thing on which I’ll have to read up.

In the meanwhile, a girl’s got to figure out what in the hell to wear on national TV ("jewel tones, no patterns, no white," I was told). I’ll be having dinner with my girls at Table 8 (having already been to the fun 8 oz. in LA), and I’ll be sure to let everyone know when the show will air. I have to say, I love the spontaneity in it. It kinda makes me want to just wing it in terms of what I’m wearing. I mean, no one really cares anyway, right? Eh, just in case, I must now "get thee to Intermix."

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  1. Oh that’s nice you could get your kids the vaccinations. It’s not available here yet (Berkeley). I am 100% in favor of it.

  2. oh so cool! I made a quick visit to my home town last Friday and felt totally energized for the rest of the weekend (back in my new lonely city). Cherish your ‘girls’ moments and strut through the airport with the ‘power-woman-on-the-move’ feeling :-)

  3. I understand a group of healthcare professionals in New York filed a lawsuit earlier this month, seeking a nullifcation of the vaccine’s FDA approval and an injunction to prevent any mandatory vaccinations. They are claiming the FDA is in direct violation of federal law when they approved all H1N1 flu vaccines in the absence of safety testing. Does anyone know what the current status of the suit is?

  4. You certainly are here during some lovely weather! Enjoy! My daughter gets the vaccination at school eventually–got a notice about it yesterday. I hope they do the mist b/c the thought of her getting a shot w/o someone she loves there to hold her hand kills me. Makes me feel like I licked a bunny–LOL!

  5. Stephanie – I saw your tweet and was very excited for you. Can’t wait to see you on the show with your non-white, non patterned outfit of choice.

  6. So many questions:
    1. Whatchaya talkin’ ’bout on RR. Are you talking or cooking?
    2. Does your pediatrician really have H1N1 vaccinations? I spent all day Monday looking for anybody who had them. My doctor has nada.
    3. This probably reveals too much, but what is Intermix? A chain? Clearly, I’m too unstylie to know.

    1. Intermix is a store. And no, you are not unstylish because you don’t know that. Come on now.

  7. So excited for you! And what fabulous weather here in NY!! I remember how you said you love the fall in NY! Enjoy the day in your city!! Can’t wait to see the show!

  8. Hi Stephanie,
    Regarding the H1N1 vacc. I have a very good friend who is a very smart pharmacist and after much research and just going by gut feelings, I elected not to have my 17 yr. old vaccinated. Her pediatrician does not carry the vaccine due to the newness of it and possible side effects. My grandson is 4 and will not be receiving it for awhile as well until it has been out awhile. Either way it scares me but here in Florida it is available at large “clinics” that are set up specifically for that reason. Just thinking about all the germs floating around there also keeps me away, but I am glad your two cuties came out ok from it. Have a fabulous time in NY and am looking forward to seeing you on Rachael Ray…way to go!

  9. Off topic, but I love Rue La La and just made a Waterford purchase! I guess you get a $10 credit! Can’t wait to see the show. :)

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