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I’m pissed off.  L’Oreal discontinued my frickin’ hair gel, and yes I know there are big things going on in the world which warrant my attention.  Blah.  Blah.  Let me tell you, Stephanie without good hair product is not a good time.  Phil got so tired of listening to me bitch about it, he went out with the slam of a door.  Yet, to my delight, he returned with a diverse assortment of hair gels for me to sample.   I have tried Oudiad’s Climate Control and Tres FX.  No good anymore; I don’t know why.  DevaCurl AnGell.  Citre Shine Curl.  NO!  What I need is a thin slippery hair gel, something that feels slimy.  L’Oreal’s Anti Frizz Gel was perfection.  I need help.  Yes, I know, in more ways than one.  Though got2b curl-vacious shimmer curl gel seemed to be okay.  I’m still undecided.

Is it wrong of me to want to go get spray tanned today?  I’m undecided there, too.  It’s gloomy out, and I need a lift somehow.  A tan, some blue contacts, maybe even a wig.  I’d just like to leave the skin I’m in for a day or two, just a vacation from me.  I had a dream last night that I dyed my hair black (something I would never dream of doing)… yet I did dream it.  I guess while I love being me, sometimes I wish I could be someone else.  I suppose it’s why I like the movies so much.  Speaking of which, when I have a house, it’s going to have one soundproof room (probably in a basement) that I will have converted into a movie theatre with vibrating reclining seats, sync’ed to the sound system, so you feel what’s happening. I’ll have a closet filled with movie theatre snacks.  The real issue will be replicating the nasty loveliness that is the hot nacho cheese muck.  Now that’s a dream.  Screw it, while I’m daydreaming: I’d also like an island in my kitchen with a bread/plate warming drawer.  I’d like the property of my home to have some element of water (aside from a pool).  A steaming shower with turquoise blue tiles, so I’ll always look tan and feel as if I’m at a spa.  Cucumber water.  An insanely large tub I can point my toes in. 

Okay, day’s activities: Write for 4 hours.  Take a bath.  Spray tan (I’ll never make the time, who am I kidding?)  Meet Kimberlee for coffee.  Sit in dark theatre eating nachos.  The wig and contacts will have an outing on another day.  I hear Halloween is approaching, my favorite time of year to wig out.



  1. That sounds like a fabulous day – good for you! My favorite movie snacks; red vines, popcorn dripping with butter, and diet coke to counteract all the calories. Isn't that how it works? I love to go to the movies alone so no one bugs me. That is the ultimate satisfaction.

    Sorry about the hair crisis – I feel your pain. Glad Phil was a man about it! You go Phil!

    Have a happy weekend.

  2. I would be devasted also if they discontinued my hair gel…thought I would offer a suggestion. I use Biolage Gelee…it might be a little thicker than what you are using but I have been using it for years and love what it does to my curly hair. Good luck!

  3. Stephanie, I have hair a lot like yours… and I've been through the same trauma. I find that kicking things helps. My latest gel, though not perfect, is the best I've found so far. Loreal, Curl Vive Spray Gel.

  4. I am obsessed with wigs. When I have a house, I want a closet full of fabulous wigs.

    Have you tried Physique for your hair? It's my favorite so far.

  5. Have you tried Aveda's "be curly" or their light elements finishing solution? They work well for my curls. But then again, I live in humidity hell Houston.

  6. Can I have your hair when you leave your skin for the day? I'll take it with or without the perfect gel.

    On another note, there must be some Web site that sells overruns of products that have gone out of existence.

  7. Hi Steph,
    I have naturally curly hair and have found Bio Silk works great for curly days or for when I straighten it. FYI buy it only in a salon because the grocery store version is watered down.

    Take Care and have a great weekend.

  8. Hi!
    I've got spookily identical red hair. I'm telling you, go find an Aveda store and get "flax seed aloe" styling gel. It's runny, clear, sticky–perfect for curls. I've used it for 4-5 years.

    OK, I'm done being an infomercial.
    I heart your blog. Thanks for rich, insightful, and honest language.
    Best regards,

  9. Studio Line Mega Gel. It's the best because it is the only hair gel that still contains alcohol. alcohol = bad long term (more trims because of split ends), but good short term (frizzless hair) I highly recommend. Or find your way to the Revlon close out store on W57th for the last drips of that L'Oreal stuff….

  10. Good suggestion IW. I did go to Ebay and find two people selling the discontinued gel. They doubled the price from $3 to $6. I implored Stephanie to get it as what price is hair happiness, right? Beside the moral dilemma of being gouged for gel, they only had a limited amount and that head runs through gel like…well..watery gel. a bottle a week I believe.

    After hearing the hair gel drama for the sixth time i exclaimed "Isn't this what you have girlfriends for?" and proceeded to burden Stephanie with a discussion of the the Houston Astros pitching staff.

    I'm thankful for all the "girlfriends" here to lighten my load.

  11. I have hair that's similar to yous and I also freak out when they discontinue something I need to make my hair look normal. I use Infusium23, not the leave in conditioner, but they have this lotion that comes in a pump bottle. It's slippery and does wonders for my hair. I use it with other products, though, I don't think it has any hold on it's own.

  12. I know! I've been using l'oreal studio's anti frizz gel since high school and its very upsetting that they took it out of comission without consulting with us addicts. Their lasting curls gel is not as great but pretty similar. Also Pantene's curl defining scrunching gel usually works for me.

  13. I would second the reccomendation of Biolage gelee. I had a roommate in college who swore by the stuff and her hair was seemingly just like yours. Good luck!

  14. I don't know if they still make it, but look for Sebastian "Wet". It's like a cross between setting lotion and gel so it's pretty thin and works great on curly hair. Good Luck!!

  15. I don't use gel – I use mousse, so I have no input. But if you'd like a tan and don't have time for the spray-on kind, I'd highly reccomend St Tropez's Whipped Bronze tanning mousse. My hair color is a slightly darker red than yours, but my skin is extremely pale and the color is a perfect golden tan. There are no streaks at all, and the color develops pretty fast although you'll need someone to help do your back. ;)

  16. I just ran out of my favorite mousse that I use, so I switched over to Helene Curtis ThermaSilk—this stuff makes your hair shine like nothing else! Also, Bumble & Bumble has great products too- great 'finishing' products to make your hair even more shinier. This is what works for me. :)

  17. The same thing happened to me. I'd consider trying the Physique. The Frizz Ease was perfect but they changed Coke to New Coke also…

  18. As someone who shaves his head, I had NO IDEA that there were so many hair products available or that there could be so much debate concerning same. In other words, as always, I learn a little something every time I read this blog. One can of Edge and one Mach III razor, and I'm on my merry way.

  19. I must be getting old…as soon as I saw the "spray-tan" stuff coming on, I remembered when my girlfriend tried those self-tanning towelettes. Feh…it really stinks — yeah, it works — but it stinks.

    It reminds me of the George Carlin routine where he's talking about cancer and how forty years ago there were no cell phones and no two-way radios and everyone had a lot less cancer. Dunno where that came from, but I guess hair gel and self-tanning spray doesn't rationally equate to cancer. If it does, we're all in a lot of trouble ;)

    I go for Mega Gel — even though they change the packaging twice a year, the stuff still manages to keep my 'do tighter than a duck's ass in a waterfall. Then again, comparing my coiffure to a duck's nether regions prolly isn't a good idea either.


  20. Hey Stephanie –

    Buy your Hair Gel there (you dont have to bid, you just buy it) – they have 6 left – and search for one until that stuff runs out.

    Good luck. (I HATE when they discontinue stuff i like)


  21. Umberto Giannini Curl and Twirl Gel. I have tried everything (all the Ouidad stuff, all the Deva stuff) and this is the one. It's cheap and pink and perfect. Try it. You'll thank me. (I think it's only at Rite Aid.)

  22. Argh…I was just lamenting over like three products in the same day: Lipsmackers Roll On Shiner (discontinued…found two on Ebay and only won one)…Clinique's Perfectly Straight Straightening Creme(they have discontinued ALL hair products as far as I know…I ended up buying 14 bottles from the company…they'll look up the product for you and see if any are left). It was the only thing that kept my frizzies away, helped straighten, and didn't give me the shiny serum like grease look. Even more annoying is when they keep the product but present a "New and Improved" version which is usually half the amount and twice the price (Vidal Sassoon shampoo, I'm looking at you), when the old version was better. Screw the press conferences announcing new products; there should be a requirement by law that if you are discontinuing a product, you must have a press conference several months in advance, so we can stock up. For hair gel, I use Herbal Essences Gel (green bottle) and then Spray Gel (yellow bottle) on top of it…works wonders. On a related note, that new L'Oreal product that Beyonce keeps advertising (Straightening spray in a pink bottle) is nowhere to be found in any drugstores/walmarts/targets here. Of course, they'll probably end up discontinuing it in a few months anyway, so why should I care?

  23. Phil – Just wanted to say I'm in awe of you.

    You can take that to mean whatever you'd like.

  24. Paul Mitchell Super Sculpt. Its very slippery and sorta thin, but its got great hold. Its my fave for my curls, and I've tried everything. Good luck.

  25. It's not a gel, but I love Aveda "Be Curly." It makes your hair soft, not sticky or frizzy, and I have curly hair like yours.

  26. I second Paul Mitchell Super Sculpt. I think that's what it's called, I've been using it for at least a decade. They have two lotion gels and the one I like smells like apples. I'm not sure I don't actually like the other lotion but it smells funny.

  27. Try Framesi forming glaze – works great for my curly hair, which is similar in length to yours. Very thin, not sticky.

  28. Phil, you are amazing, every girl should be so lucky. I, too, am in awe of you and I mean that in the best way possible.

  29. I have long, curly hair and highly recommend Curlisto's mousse. I've tried everything and this is by far the best product out there. Leaves your hair moveable, soft, and frizz free…

  30. what movie are you going to see? and, love the new photo. i like the water thing, but i also want heat, my kitchen will have to have a fireplace in it :) HA! Suitor–love how you switched gears to the Astros.

  31. I love Philip B products – really amazing! I use their straightening gel that's incredible. Bumble and Bumble are also great – and Alterna has a good product too. Their shampoos are decadent.

    I totally want blue contacts – i think i might get some new eyes for winter… :)

  32. Thank you!!! I love these suggestions. I'm getting a shopping list ready. This weekend, I'm cleaning out my closets and getting my hair on. Oh, and I hope to see Elizabethtown and Little Manhattan. Might have to triple jump with some Jack and Diet Cokes.

  33. try Curls Rock – from TIGI's catwalk line. put it on when your hair is wet, don't towel dry & don't use too much or you'll look like you put you're head into a vat of crisco- when it's done right it's awesome

  34. i vote yes on the spray tanning. a wonderful invention. make sure you exfoliate first. you can probably get back stock of your hair gel on ebay, or by calling the company directly. if not, have you tried bed head? their products are usually good.

  35. Stephanie, I think ought to hike yourself over to Makeup Alley ( and a.) Chat on the board with people in the know (i.e. obsessive) about products and/or b.) Peruse the reviews. Works for me quite frequently!

  36. Speaking as a fellow redhead, please never dye those gorgeous locks. Although, I can relate to your curiosity about how the other half lives. (Or perhaps the other 80%? We are a blessed minority. :))

    Definitely add Capote to your list. It's a must-see.

    Thanks for the great post. Have a wonderful weekend!

  37. I third Paul Mitchell Super Sculpt and have curls too. It looks especially nice if you have time to let it air dry.

  38. This is so funny. I have hair just like yours and know the feeling of running out of good product. i tend to jump from product to product–you can call me a hair gel whore…

    Right now I am using Tressmme curl care bouncy curls defining gel. You might not like it because it is thick, but it does the trick. I also love love Got2be shimmer curl gel.

    good luck!

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