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tina fey

I love our girl Tina Fey. No question. So when she mentions that a kissing scene with Don Draper makes her sweat through her "lady blazer," I take her for her word. She busted a pit. But then I began to wonder, is there some code at play? Is Lady Blazer just a blazer for the ladies, or is it a euphamism for… her labia. Come on! If you say it fast enough? Okay, fine. Sometimes a lady blazer is just a lady blazer. Disappointing? Nope–not on a night where I get to look at Rob Lowe’s Oxford Blues.

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  1. Hey Stephanie,

    WTF with the “Lamb of God” video ad that keeps replaying on the upper right corner of my page? Jewish, no? Also…distracting.

  2. I actually proceeded to say Lady Blazers repeatedly and very fast……then i felt like an idiot….but it does come quite close ;-)

  3. Lady blazer – pretty sure she’s talking about a jacket not her meat curtains. It’s a nice thought though.

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