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tina fey

I love our girl Tina Fey. No question. So when she mentions that a kissing scene with Don Draper makes her sweat through her "lady blazer," I take her for her word. She busted a pit. But then I began to wonder, is there some code at play? Is Lady Blazer just a blazer for the ladies, or is it a euphamism for… her labia. Come on! If you say it fast enough? Okay, fine. Sometimes a lady blazer is just a lady blazer. Disappointing? Nope–not on a night where I get to look at Rob Lowe’s Oxford Blues.

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  1. It just made me worry that my already marginal work attire was suddenly super not cool.

  2. Hey Stephanie,

    WTF with the “Lamb of God” video ad that keeps replaying on the upper right corner of my page? Jewish, no? Also…distracting.

  3. I actually proceeded to say Lady Blazers repeatedly and very fast……then i felt like an idiot….but it does come quite close ;-)

  4. Lady blazer – pretty sure she’s talking about a jacket not her meat curtains. It’s a nice thought though.

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