how NOT to potty train

toddler faces stephanie klein 1
How not to potty train? Be more immature than your offspring.
"Okay potato bugs, it’s time to go play ‘dump truck’ at home."
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  1. Love the photograph and the video was super cute.
    and bribing isn’t bad ….we bribed the twins i used to care for with M&M’s and they were potty trained in 3 days!

    if it works it works.

    have you figured out their sleeping arrangements or are they still in cribs?

    good luck!

  2. I LOVE seeing your nuggets on video. You hit the birthing jackpot with boy/girl twins! Thanks for posting this.

  3. Those two are too cute for words.. Now you need to get a video of Lucas talking to you!! :)

  4. Can I ask when you started training them? Any book in particular you (ot anyone else reading) found most helpful?
    My 20 month old just learned ‘poo poo’ (soo cute) but he actually says ‘dee-scut-ing!’ when he has a dirty diaper. He learned that when I said ‘oh, disgusting!’ at a few too many particularly bad diapers. Oops. And we just found out we are expecting # 2 and I will be potty training and have a newborn! Wheee!

    1. Author

      He’s an unruly mess of a dog who refuses to listen, but is just about the sweetest lump of love and paws these babies have ever known. He’s thankfully not an aggressive dog… but he won’t stop jumping up to greet people, even when we turn our backs on him… so I have all these black and blue marks on my legs.

      1. so glad to hear it! I am going through the same thing with my new puppy…she is teething and my arms look like I am a closet cutter…the love they give is so worth it though.

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