So Casey Johnson’s tit popped out at Milieu on Wednesday. Big deal. Mine popped out at Gallery last night–well nearly; the strap of my shirt broke. Thankfully, I caught it before pulling a Janet. “Stephanie, um, can I hold something for you?” Of course he meant my right breast. Well it could be worse, I mean if I were the playmate above, for example, someone would be going down. No, not like that.

All photos are now up of the kick-off party for the new book Going Corporate at Gallery. For now, look for Randy Jones (that’s right, the cowboy from The Villiage People), Benjamin Curtis (Dell Dude), Stephanie Adams (Playboy Centerfold) and check these out >>

Or check out pics from previous parties:


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  1. Re: Dsc_0070. Not real surely? The arms look real but the rest seems to merge into the background. Sort of half-real/half-painting. Very spooky. Very good indeed.

  2. Is it me, or does the top Cicely is wearing look like a hot air baloon that is just about to pop? The Janet incident was probably inevitable…

  3. What was that about Casey's johnson popping out at a party??? You're right… big deal. Okay fine, she's got the powder, baby oil and band-aids going for her, but that's just another Thursday night, where I'm from.

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