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(Sweet Girl Moments That Last A Lifetime… And Waistline)

“Wait. Can we just take a moment,” I said, stopping Dulce mid-step. We’d just emerged from the stairwell of Takashimaya, a boutique New York department store with a Japanese flair.  It’s as you’ve seen in films with women who wear pearl earrings the size of walnuts; we were on an expansive floor of luxury items: international parfums, packaged bars of soap sealed with wax stamps, fluted water carafes, and the softest thin cotton robes I’ve ever known. “This floor is such a lie.”

This is a world of make believe, a stylized floor of assurances. “This store is the promise of an organized peaceful life lived in cups of tea that never need rinsing… beds that never need making, tangle-free hair and taught skin. It’s a sham. And I like it.” Walking through Takashimaya feels a bit like knowing a secret. If you’re ever in need of a baby, toddler, housewarming, dinner party gift… you can purchase the smallest trinket and it will be impeccably gift-wrapped, promising the recipient a crease-free life of their own. It was the perfect beginning to a girl day in New York (similar to one of the "Ideal Days In NYC" schedules I’ve planned before).

Once Dulce returned to her office, I met up with my sister-in-law and niece at American Girl, an entirely different department store, complete with bakery and hair salon (for the dolls). I’d thought of dragging them to Tiffany’s with croissant in hand, just so the soon-to-be second grader could say she’d "So done breakfast at Tiffany’s," but let’s face it, she’d so much rather a new outfit and dangling earrings for her new "She Looks Just Like Me" doll–yes, you can get your dolls’ ears pierced for a fee. Next stop: Alice’s Tea Cup.

It’s officially a girl day when fairy wings are involved. Insisting we sip our spot of tea with an extended pinky and British accent, I ordered my favorite: rooibos bourbon (A red bush herb flavored with bourbon vanilla essence). And no, it’s not my favorite just because its descriptor mentions red bush. After tea-infused egg salad sandwiches, smoked salmon, and blueberry white chocolate scones, we headed on an upper east side stroll, only to later meet up with Uncle Philip at Serendipity III for frozen peanut butter hot chocolate, thus completing our girl day… nearly.

I’d promised a quick run through Dylan’s Candy Bar, mostly because what kid doesn’t want to charge through three floors of candy? It’s very Peppermint Park on acid. Think Etch-A-Sketch lollipops, sugar body scrubs, Wonka Bars, and candy by the pound. 

We then waved goodbye as the girls rode off in an SUV taxicab. Phil dropped me off for a manicure/pedicure as he hit the bar. Day well done. Now whatever will I do today?

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  1. I’m DYING for a day like that! Sounds devine and such a detour from the norm!

  2. I am confused!!! Now, is that an old photo of you, or your niece? At first I thought it was your daughter but the girl looks too old.

  3. I thoughtthe same thing, what a resemblance but knew it could’t be yours.

  4. Wow, your niece and daughter look so similar! Love the new layout of your site, and the last few posts have been wonderful :-)

  5. Stephanie, I think your comments may not be posting.. :P I’ve sent some and they have not gone through at all? Wonder if anyone else is having this same problem?

    Anyways, for this specific post, I had just commented on the same thing others have said.. Your niece looks so much like Miss Abigail!!

  6. Since you’re so great at planning days out in NYC, what do you recommend for a day out in NYC with a 4 year old?

  7. I always seem to have a hard time on deciding which nail design to use, sometimes it can take me hours to decide. I usually try changing my nail designs at least twice a month.

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